100% have released the first two group teaser images for their upcoming comeback!

After Changbum‘s depature from the group, TOP Media had announced a group comeback with 5 members. Rokhyun, Jonghwan and Hyukjin have previously also released a bunch of cover songs.

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Now it’s finally time for their official comeback as they have released two teaser images with all 5 members. They made a portrait photo and while both are basically the same, the member’s expressions had changed. It seems like the release date is set on October 13th at 0AM KST!

Check out the images below and stay tuned for further updates!

The group have revealed a brand new teaser image! Here we see the boys in a more casual attire, a caption is also included on the image which tells us the name of their new release! ‘Time Leap‘ will drop on October 13th, take a look at the latest 100% teaser below!


Following the group’s teaser images, 100% have now also revealed individual teaser images for “Time Leap“. So check them out below!