2PM have returned with their new album and the music video as well as dance practice videp for main track “My House“.



The boys have released their fifth album, titled ‘No.5‘ which contains 12 tracks. The members had a big hand in the album making, especially Taecyeon who wrote his own rap lyrics and more, but also Jun.K who was involved in the first song “My House”, and “Your Man”, Junho who wrote helped with “Nobody Else”, and Chansung with “You’re Hotter Than Summer” and “Wanna Love You Again”.



You can check out the full tracklist and album spoiler below!


  1. 우리집 (My House) (Lyrics and Composition by Jun.K)
  2. Nobody Else (Lyrics and Co-composition by Junho)
  3. 환각 (Hallucination) (Rap by Taecyeon)
  4. 너만의 (Your Man) (Lyrics and Composition by Jun.K, Rap by Taecyeon)
  5. 여름보다 뜨건운 너 (You’re Hotter than Summer) (Lyrics by Chansung, Rap by Taecyeon)
  6. 미칠 것 같아 (I’m Going Crazy) (Lyrics and Composition by Taecyeon)
  7. Red (Rap by Taecyeon)
  8. Wanna Love You Again (Lyrics and Composition by Chansung, Rap by Taecyeon)
  9. Know Your Mind
  10. Magic (Lyrics and Composition by Taecyeon)
  11. Jump (Lyrics and Composition by Taecyeon)
  12. Good Man (Lyrics and Composition by Chansung, Rap by Taecyeon)







They have released the music video for the first and main track “My House”. The song is about him inviting her to his house. The setting for the music video is a dance-ball. The story then begins as the chic boys are trying to get closer to the girl, attract her and want her to follow them. It has a Cinderella feeling but at the end she doesn’t exidently loose the heel.



Find out what happens in the music video below!






They have now also revealed the dacne practice version. While there were dance scenes in the music video already, you can now get a closer look at the full choreography. So check it out below!