2PM‘s Jun.K has dropped the music videos for “Your Wedding” and “No Shadow“.

Your Wedding” is an emotional ballad that tells the heartbreaking story of a man who attends his friend’s wedding. The problem is that he loves his friend deeply but she only sees him as a good friend.
The music video features fellow 2PM member Nichkhun and TWICE‘s Nayeon, who looks gorgeous in a wedding dress. Check it out above!

No Shadow” is one of the 10 tracks from his new album titled ‘77-1X3-00‘. He wrote the lyrics himself and composed it with BOYTOY‘s help.

He took part in creating the other tracks, as well. Have a listen to the album preview below!

Moreover, during his appearance as a guest on radio show ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, on January 11th, he has stated that will not be doing any promotional activities for this album, as it is a gift to fans before his enlistment this year.

Check out the music video for his R&B track “No Shadow” below!