Could you present yourself to your readers?

Hello, I am J-BLOCK, a rookie singer.

Once more, I would like to thank all readers of Japako Mag for offering me such a good opportunity.

Please show me love and support with my upcoming activities as J-BLOCK!

I will make efforts to become a singer who communicates with the fans through sincere music, rather than one who appeals with his good looks.

What does J-BLOCK stand for?

The “”J”” of J-BLOCK was inspired both by the J of Jesus and the initial of my name, Jaesung. As for “”BLOCK””, it refers to a tetragonal object, i.e. a crystal, and it represents the crystallization of god, the fruit of his creation.

Put together, this name holds a deep meaning to me, which is that I wish to become a truly special singer and out of the ordinary.

You have just debuted with the song “”Baby Baby””, so can you tell us more about it?

First of all, thank you very much for showing interest in my song, “”Baby Baby””. The song is a gentle R&B dance track that blends lyrical piano melodies with powerful electronic sounds.

It is a song made to show to the public the various charms, thanks to the combination of dramatic lyrics and a particularly powerful choreography. It tells the heart-wrenching story of a man who fell in love with his friend. It’s the dramatic story of how he refuses to let go of the memories he used to love, as well as the painful love story of how the two end up missing each other, failing to stay together because their relation as friends prevents the woman from accepting this situation.

Why did you want to become an idol? And how do you feel about debuting?

First of all, you used the term “”idol””, but in my opinion, it is too great of a term for me.

Certainly, idols are really excellent singers too, but I personally have no intention of becoming an idol.

What I wanted was to contribute to the cultural growth of my country, even just a little, and with the spread of K-Pop all over the world, my motivation was not to become an idol, but a sincere musician.

I am still lacking a lot, but through expressing myself with my body, heart and music, and through showing more of my different sides to the public, I want to become not just an idol who represents Korea, but a single musician excelling by himself, and in order to achieve this dream, and I will make even more efforts from now on.

Is there any artist you particularly admire?

I admire Justin Timberlake, because I’m a fan of his. I think of him as the one who gave me the dream of becoming a singer. His music style and him being my role model fuel my dream of being a singer.

What do you want to show to the public? And what kind of concept are you going for?

As I have mentioned before, the side of me which I want to show, which is also my goal, is to become a great musician, to perform the music I like for the rest of my life and to receive love from the public just like Justin Timberlake. I want to become a sexy dance singer appraised for my skills.

What is your ideal type of girl?

My ideal type is a girl who could understand me well and whose usual style is to let me win, but who would still take the upper hand from time to time (laugh)

If you could have a super power, which one would it be and why?

If I ever get a super power, I would like to control time. It’s a feeling I got while preparing to debut for a very long time, but I think time is something that we can’t hold back once it’s flown away, and that it is a perpetual source of regret. So, I would like to have the power of controlling time whenever I wish, even if just for one minute or second. Kind of like Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From the Star! ^^

If one of your wishes could be granted, which one would you choose?

A wish, huh… I want to master the ability of time control!!! (laugh)

Could you leave a message to the European fans?

I am so thankful for the warm interest you have shown me even though I have just debuted, and I shall work hard to become an amazing musician as J-BLOCK. I will come and see you with even better songs and performances. Please show a lot of interest to my single Baby Baby, as well as to K-Pop. I love you