1. Hi, could you present yourself to our readers?

Hi I’m SANA. Please call me SANA-Sama. I like doing interviews, so please share more about me with everyone

2. How do you feel about doing a solo tour in Europe this time?

They will be some of the most wonderful weeks of my life!

3. Which one of your songs represents you the most as an artist?

A Song called “”1 love me ?”” It was my first solo song and I did self-cover of it for this tour.

4. Is there any European artist you would like to collaborate with?

I want to collaborate with some symphony orchestra groups.

5. What guitarist do you admire the most?

Steve Vai, because his sound and the way he plays goes beyond just the guitar.

6. It’s not your first time in Europe, so could you tell us what you like the most about Europe?

I like that old and new building designs are on the same street. It looks nice and I prefer it.

7. If you would be stuck in a movie or an anime, which one would it be and why?

I would choose an anime, because in some movies, people die too quickly, except for main character. For example, in The Hobbit, I would be easily killed by the Orc! Haha! So, I choose an anime like Mushishi and One piece. I love them both.

8. What is the difference between your Japanese fans and your European fans?

There is no difference, but it looks like the European fans enjoy the music more than the Japanese fans.

9. Do you have a favorite Japanese Idiom? Which one would it be and what does it mean to you?

芸術は長く人生は短い. It means ‘Art is longer, life is shorter.’  I feel Music will not end, but someday people will. I want to try my best with music until I die.

10. Can you leave a message for your European fans and Japako Music readers?

Thank you very much for reading my interview. I’m currently on my first solo tour right now. If some of you are able to come to my show, please enjoy it with me.

And, I’m looking forward to the next time I can tour around the EU. I want to meet you all next time!! Ciao. (^ー^)ノ