1. Hi, could you present yourself to our readers?

Chiori: I’m Chiori, the vocal!

YOOKEY: I’m YOOKEY, the guitarist!
Kenji: I’m Kenji, the bassist!
Tovita: I’m Tovita, the guy who seems to be the drummer…

2. How do you feel about your upcoming European Tour?

Chiori: I’m happy!
YOOKEY: I’m very happy and I’m looking forwards to it!
Kenji: I’m happy!
Tovita: When I think I will be able to drink Candy Up again, it feels like a dream!

3. Which one of your song represents you the most as a band?

Chiori: Kanojo.
YOOKEY: Omega Rhythm.
Kenji: Omega Rhythm.
Tovita: I think that now, it’s “”U&I””.

4. Is there any European artist you would like to collaborate with?

Chiori: Conversely, I’m curious to know which artist would like to collaborate with us!
YOOKEY: Collaborating with Lily Allen should be interesting.
Kenji: Hocus Pocus (because I personally like hip-hop).
Tovita: Avicii, because I listen to his music currently. It seems he’s from Sweden.5. If you would be stuck in a movie or an anime, which one would it be and why?

Chiori: A Ghibli anime, because I just love them.
YOOKEY: “”LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS””, just because I like this movie.
Kenji: “”Doraemon”” (just like that).
Tovita: “”Tottoko Hamtaro””. Do you know about Hamtaro? He a very courageous hamster! This little guy will become a pirate king, you’ll see!

6. Do you have a favorite Japanese Idiom? Which one would it be and what does it mean to you?

Chiori: “”Taiken wa gu naru ga gotoshi”” (meaning: “”the highest wisdom often wears the mask of stupidity””).
YOOKEY: “”Koshi tanan”” (meaning: “”watching vigilantly for an opportunity to prey upon””), because it’s sounds cool.
Kenji: “”En no shita no chikaramochi”” (meaning “”thankless but vital role””), because it sounds perfect for a bassist.
Tovita: “”Momo kuri san nen kaki hachi nen”” (meaning: “”Peach and chestnut trees bear fruit in three years, and persimmon trees in eight””), because I like peaches, chestnuts and kaki (Japanese persimmon).

7. Is there any European dish you would like to particularly taste?
Chiori: The galette and fish & chips.
Kenji: I don’t know much about European dishes, so I’ll be glad to taste anything as long as it tastes good.
Tovita: I would like to taste fresh chocolate in a chocolate factory!

8. What do you like the most about performing live?

Chiori: The momentum, when I feel nothingness.
YOOKEY: The cheering voices of the people watching us.
Kenji: The feeling of infinity, cosmology (when I’m just happy to be playing).
Tovita: When people watching the show cry. There are probably many various reasons why they cry, but I’m glad when I think that our music can move people to tears.

9. What part of Europe do you like the most?

Chiori: The townscape.
YOOKEY: The landscapes that are different from Japan.
Kenji: Townscape, architecture, landscapes in general.
Tovita: Norway, because it’s long and narrow.

10. Can you leave a message for your European fans and Japako Music readers?

Chiori: We are looking forwards to the concerts!
YOOKEY: We will do a great show, so come meet us at our concerts!
Kenji: Yeay for Europe!

Tovita: Hey fans from Europe! Let’s become (get?) “”Japan”” altogether! Yeaaay!!