The lovely girls of A-Pink are back with a “Petal (꽃잎점)“.



The six girls of A-pink released their 2nd full album “Remember” on July 16th and started promoting it through the title track while the first single from the album, “Promise U“, was already revealed to fans in April. Now, on August 3rd, A Cube Entertaintment, A-pink’s label, unveiled the official music video for the second single “Petal (꽃잎점)”.



Petal” is a sweet and uptempo track about a young girl feeling the confusion and excitement that comes with being in love. The tinkling sound of the piano and string pad samples are melded with Apink’s sweet and pure voices to express the light-as-air feeling of being in love and the heart-pounding decision of whether or not to confess.



The video was provided with English subtitles for international fans too! Watch the girls in the video below!