AAA has revealed multiple lyrics videos for their new song “Flavor of Kiss.”



It seems that the members of AAA are treating their fans to more music, fun, and videos as they come to the end of their special 10th anniversary project, where they have been releasing singles each month for seven consecutive months. On June 24th, they released the upbeat single “Flavor of Kiss.”



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They have recently released two different lyric videos for their latest single release. The first versions was the “360°” version, which is a bright and colorful video and may prove to be a little too much fun. Not only does the video bring the viewers on some twists and turns around a digital tie-dye colored town, but there is a button on the upper left hand corner of the screen, which the viewer can press to change their point-of-view.



The second lyric video that was released is a lot easier on the eyes, especially if the first proves to be overwhelming to some. With a lot less colors and missing the button to make the twists and turns even more confusing, the second lyric video is much easier to read.




Check out their lyric videos for “Flavor of Kiss” below:


“Flavor of Kiss” Lyric Video:






“Flavor of Kiss” 360°Lyric Video