On January 7, it was reported that WestSide Entertainment, a music label and management agency in Los Angeles, will be launching a new artist named A.Leean.

The new artist was revealed to be popular South Korean solo artist Ailee. However, the report doesn’t sate Aliee by name, they stated “A.Leean.” This reveals that Aliee will be going by a different stage name in the U.S.

An outside source says that the stage name change happened because “[They would like their] artist’s breathtaking voice, talent and up-beat fun song to speak for itself, rather than her already established name and brand.”

In addition to this news, Ailee’s good friend Amber from the group F(X), posted a teaser for Ailee’s solo debut on her instagram. The new single is titled “Fall Back” and is currently available to purchase on Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and various radio stations.