Akanishi Jin has released his new album ‘Me‘ and the music video teaser for the main track “Let Me Talk To U“.



His album contains 10 tracks, including the main track as well as previously released tracks like “Mi Amore” and “Good Time” which were title tracks of his latest mini albums. It will be available in three different versions. Limited Edition Type A and B contain the same CD tracklist. The Regular CD Only Edition contains two bonus tracks, “Go Gitt’er” and the Spanish version of “Mi Amor”. Type A comes with A DVD, containing the music video for “Let Me Talk To U” as well as behind-the-scene footage of the MV shooting, the photo session, and the recording in the studio. Type B comes with a DVD as well but contains his ‘JINDEPENDENCE’ TOUR 2014 in Shanghai.



Additionaly, if you purchase all three editions, you’ll get a little extra. If you put the albums together, you get Akanishi Jin’s face on the backside and if you scan it, you’ll receive a special content as it is linked to the AR app ‘Blippar’. But even if you don’t by all of them, you can scan the album jacket and you’ll see him playing the piano while singing (Type A), dancing (Type B), or video from a press conference (Regular). But a video describing how to use Blippar has been uploaded now.



He also released the music video teaser for the main track “Let Me Talk To U”, in which he sings about his feelings for his beloved ones like his love, family, and friends.



So check it out below!









1. Let Me Talk To U
2. Good Time
3. Miss California
4. We The Party
5. Baby
6. LionHeart
7. Christmas Morning (2015 Mix Ver.)
8. Dayum
9. Mi Amor
10. What Happened


Bonus Tracks:

1. Go Gitt’er
2. Mi Amor (Spanish Ver.)