Sketchbook is 100%’s fourth EP and will hopefully be one of their most popular! They sing about themes such as heartbreak, crushes and meeting new people at parties and do it really well! We wish 100% the best of success with this EP and look forward to hearing more from them!!

Sketch U:
The song is about a relationship breaking down and the young man wanting his girlfriend back because the silence and loneliness is hurting him the most.

One Day:
This song is about confessing your feelings to your crush and feeling that it will be an even better day if they give you the ‘right’ answer.

This song has a dance/party theme to it and is one of the catchiest songs on this album!

Gorgeous is about thinking that your girlfriend is gorgeous and that all of her love is just as good as she is.

Meet Yesterday:
Meet Yesterday is a slow, ballad style love song and is a very calming and relaxing song.

Sketch U (Instrumental):
The instrumental is just as good as the original with all the personal expressions still being thought of.

Overall I would rate this album at 4 out of 5!

Review written by Kirsty

100% - Sketchbook
There are a range of themes to this album which show 100%’s maturity!
100% have used some of the same themes as everyone else such as heartbreak etc but they still manage to put their own little twist to to the song to make it different.
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