1 – Space (intro)

Very short, yet very powerful intro! It slowly builds up with the slow but strong beat drops, followed by the sentence ‘I wanna live in your space’. 45s that will make you looking forward to the album content!

2 – Lip 2 Lip
Anyway, the first song doesn’t follow the intro’s mood at all. Indeed, this title track is a little disappointing in my opinion. The rhythm is energetic even if repetitive, the vocal are good, especially with the high notes at the end. Sojin’s rap was rather simple but still very pleasant, but for sure she couldn’t show her full potential with only this 13s part. The hook is very catchy, but almost annoying in my opinion. The whole song left me unsatisfied, because it’s quite short, and I’m sure that the girls could have shown more of their potential.

3 – Shh
I wasn’t expecting a lot anymore already, but this 3rd song is much better than the previous one for my taste! The powerful instrumentation gives it like an epic feeling from the start, and then the beat is really catchy. The electric guitar solo followed by the short ‘shh’ whispered by one of the girls ended the song perfectly. But once again, it was a little bit short and I would have liked to hear more!

4 – Monster
This one was my personal favorite. It’s a soft song which finally shows the complete potential of the four members, and I could feel the emotion in it. The lyrics deal with a girl having a hard time forgetting her former boyfriend, even though she knows he was a just a player. Finally, the song left me completely satisfied.

5 – Lip 2 Lip (instrumental)
The mini album closes on the main’s title instrumental version. As said earlier, I think it’s quite repetitive and not innovative at all, it’s not really the kind of sing you can enjoy without any vocal. So in my opinion, it was not very necessary and the album could have simply ended with ‘Monster’.

Review written by Jéhanne

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