AgustD, also known as BTS member Suga, finally released his mixtape and he absolutely does not disappoint. With this mixtape, he takes us on a journey, the journey that is his life. The lyrics of the mixtape is the most important part of it as he talks about the hardships he went through his life; mostly his mental struggles.

1. Intro : Dt sugA (FT DJ Friz)
The mixtape opens up with a short introductory song. It is basically like a remix version of the title track as it contains snippets from the main song, Agust D. It’s a song that would pump up anyone, it’s an energising and fitting opening.

2. Agust D
This song is a lot like a part of a rap battle. The lyrics are basically about just how good AgustD is at his rap and how successful he is. He sounds conceited, but he’s not wrong at all; he is a very successful rapper. Underground rappers and rappers that self-title themselves as “true rappers” generally make fun of rappers in idol groups and think that they are bad at rapping. This song is a nice response to them.

It’s also a very catchy track, especially the chorus is very memorable. The rap part right before the last chorus, with the “I’m sorry” followed by Korean sentences, is my personal favourite part of the song.

3. Give It To Me
In this song, the lyrics are about how hard AgustD has worked to be as successful as he is today, by sleeping less than other people and spending that time practicing. He claims that he wants all the money, alcohol and success to be given to him as he didn’t fool around all the time to end up as a failure. The background music is especially nice and unique.

4. Skit
This track caught me off guard because it’s not a song, it’s literally a skit. It’s an audio of AgustD, and his brother going in to a diner and talking. AgustD talks about the mixtape, and he thanks his brother for all the support he has given him so far. He also claims that the fact that he was able to do music was because of his brother’s belief in him.

5. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
This song is the story of how AgustD came to join his company and debut with BTS. It affected me deeply through this song to get to know that during his trainee days he had to practice at night, work on his part-time job at dawn, and then go to school. Also that during school, he would get jealous seeing all the rich students while he had to work to exhaustion to earn money. The lyrics in this song are just very genuine.

6. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
In this song, AgustD shortly talks about the social phobia he developed during his trainee days. He claims that he always had his defences up, and that he always hid his real self.

Something that I really like about this song is that it feels like a 5-minute work he had done at dawn. At first we hear him moaning, tired from all the work, then we hear computer typing sounds, then he starts rapping and pours his heart out, then it ends abrutly. It all feels so natural and sincere, like it was suddenly recorded on a whim.

7. 마지막 (The Last)
With this track, AgustD tackles the issue of his mental illness much more deeply and the lyrics are just amazing. During the first half of the song, the rap is done much more calmly and sadly as it is about the trainee times and the times when AgustD felt the most vulnerable and suffered the most from his social phobia, depression, and OCD.

The lyrics “Min Yoongi is dead already (I killed him)” was the first moment in which the listener realised just how serious his mental illness was and when he talks about going to a psychiatric ward the realisation strengthens.

There are two other parts that really affected me. First is his claim that when he curses or says “I don’t care”, he’s actually trying to hide his weak self. I think that lots of people are able to relate to this part. It also takes lots of courage to admit to yourself that you’re weak. The second part is when he talks about how he hid in the toilet on the day of a performance because he was scared of people.

Performing is the best thing he’s good at, and he had times when he was scared to do so. Later, during the second part of the song, his rapping becomes faster and more aggressive. In this part, he talks that although he has suffered, he is now alright and is living his dream. It doesn’t exactly give the feeling of a happy ending, but it’s still nice to know he feels better. Overall, I loved every part of this track; the emotions, the lyrics and the rapping were just amazing.

8. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
In this track, AgustD experiments with auto-tune and he definitely does a great job. In the chorus, he sounds completely different and gives off an eerie feeling.

I think that’s what makes the song so unique and great. The lyrics are about rising to the top, and becoming greedy about money. AgustD admits that he keeps wanting more money, and he hopes to not turn into a monster who only thinks about money.

9. Interlude; Dream, Reality
After the previous dark track, the fact that this song starts with the piano feels so relieving and amazing. During the whole song, AgustD only chants the word “dream” several times and that strengthens the power of the instruments. The piano tune at the end that is very similar to BTS’s song “House of Cards” and it is a nice surprise for the fans. The choir at the back is also soft and great. It’s a nice break from the rest of the mixtape with dark songs and constant rapping.

10. So Far Away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))
Just when I thought the mixtape could not get any better here it is, the last track. This is my favourite track of the mixtape because it’s musically great, also possibly because rap is not my favourite genre of music.

In the other tracks, the rapping was the focus and on some tracks the music was pushed back; which is a common thing for rap songs. In this song, the rap blends so well with the music, the background music is as great as the vocals; AgustD’s voice is filled with emotions, and Suran sounds amazing.

The track is about a person who doesn’t have anything he wants to pursue, he doesn’t have a dream and therefore everything seems so dull. I’m sure it’s a song that lots of people can relate to, especially to students. It’s also the only track that I think AgustD does not talk about himself as he clearly stated in his other tracks that he does have a dream, or maybe at some point in his life he thought he got distant from his dream.

Overall, this mixtape is pretty amazing. Non-Korean speakers must definitely check out the translation of the lyrics to understand the songs in depth. The mental struggles, the depression and the OCD must have been hard for AgustD to accept. Now sharing his whole story with the fans must have taken so much courage. I’m glad that he had this courage as what came out was this great mixtape.

Review written by Deniz

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