This is AOA’s first full length album since their debut in 2012 and it deals with themes of love, heartbreak and friendship very well. We wish every success to AOA with this album and I hope AOA gains more fans and popularity with it!

Excuse Me:
The song is all about asking someone to excuse you when you interrupt them to ask for their number as you have started to have a crush on them at first sight.

Bing Bing:
The song is all about being so in love with someone that they make your head dizzy and your heart race.

Three Out:
Three Out is all about your boyfriend making three mistakes and having three strikes against his name so you end up breaking up with him because you are sick of the excuses and hurt he’s causing you.

This song is all about asking if the man you’re attracted to can feel the ‘sparks’ between you.

Can’t Sleep:
Can’t Sleep is all about having insomnia after a partner leaves you and suffering really badly at night because of it.

Lily (ft. Rowoon of SF9):
This song is about wanting to be your crush’s lucky flower and to stay with him forever as nothing bothers you when you are together.

Melting Love:
Melting Love is about falling in love and your once ice cold heart melting at your crushes/boyfriends touch and making you feel like a new person.

Help Me (Korean Version):
This song deals with wanting to keep your relationship with your partner going but them wanting to walk away but not having the courage to tell you which hurts you.

Oh Boy (Korean Version):
Oh Boy is all about being the woman every boy wants and you telling one boy that is nervous around you that you’ll change him if he chooses you.

With Elvis:
With Elvis is a song aimed at the fans of AOA and is a promise to always be there for the fans just like the fans have been for AOA.

Overall I would rate this album at 5 out of 5!

Review written by Kirsty

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AOA - Angel's Knock
This album has many themes in it and AOA have done really well to reflect these themes in all their songs.
They could have used slightly different themes for their music but they have used them very well regardless.
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