B1A4 released a full length album titled “GOOD TIMING” on the 28th of November 2016. The album contains twelve tracks altogether.

Time: “Time”, albeit an introduction track, is a track that lives up to its name. It sounds as if time is going forward and rewinding at the same time. There is a consistent beat that sounds reminiscent of “present” time, whilst sound effects make it sound as if time is being rewinded back to the past. It’s a pretty contemporary style track and makes for an interesting introduction. It leads perfectly into the second track.

A Lie: Song number two is “A Lie”, which was composed, written, and arranged by member Jinyoung. Knowing this, I am highly impressed with this track. It has everything to make it a chart topper. It’s very catchy, it has an attractive chorus, and it has enough soul filled vocals to make it a great song for the holiday season. I particularly liked the rap part in this song as it matched well with the fast beat and harmonising backing vocals.

Moment I Fall For You Again: “Moment I Fall For You Again” is a very smooth and mellow song. It has some funk and r&b aspects to it. The baseline is addictive and the backtrack itself, tied with the fun and playful vocals, make it sound like a drama OST. I can see this being a popular OST in a romance drama.

Good Timing: This song is the definition of upbeat. It reminds me of earlier B1A4 work, and I am glad they are sticking to their roots! They definitely have improved and moved on from their rookie days, however this track was nice in a way that is pays homage to their signature sound! The chorus has a repetitive one-liner that drones on with the vocal line, and then leading to a fast beat with some sweet falsetto vocals. I can definitely see a peppy dance routine forming for this track.

Nightmare: We move back to r&b with “Nightmare”. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect with that title, I suppose I was expecting something darker. However the sound of “Nightmare” is very early 2000s and it has a more minor key sound to it. This was probably me favourite song on the album, it has an almost lazy and carefree sound to it – I especially liked the guitar in this song!

In Dream: Things slow down for this track. “In Dream” is the definition of a winter song. It almost has a lull to it, however the vocals are quite sultry. I loved the orchestral accompaniment! The violins have a slight dramatic sound to them, but they add a festive vibe! B1A4 in this track sound like your typical soulful boy band however. If I didn’t know any better I would also think that this was the album closer. My favourite thing about this track is the combination of the piano and electric guitar tied with the rap line, which is then followed by the, again, sultry vocals and dramatic violin.

Sparkling: After the last slow and dramatic track, “Sparkling” is like a breath of fresh air. It is a very modern sounding song and it is playful. The song opens to the sound of the can and a rap that plays with words and the beat. This probably the most “kpop” sounding track on the album. It is very simple, however. There is not much of a melody to the backtrack; the song primarily relies on the vocals (the “oh-oh-oh” vocals being the hook) and the rap line.

To My Star: Track number eight is “My Star”. This is another song with funk elements, particularly in the synthesised melody and baseline. This is a song with more power vocals with elaborate ornamentations and scale movement. This was probably my least favourite track on the album, there is something very vanilla about it; to put it plainly, it’s boring.

Melancholy: “Melancholy” is a song that does not live up to its name. The introduction sounds like an OST from a fighting game like King of Fighters or Mortal Kombat. The song then does a complete U-turn and turns into a playful pop track. It is another fast paced song that completely goes against what the title implies. The synthesiser solo was quite interesting to listen to also.

I Will Find You: “I Will Find You” is another ballad, but that is not a bad thing! This one has more of a classical rock sound to it, which is the most contrasting track on the entire album! The vocals also matched the classical rock sound, they sound edgier in this song and less soulful. “I Will Find You” is a universal track that I feel anybody can enjoy, regardless of their prefered genre. I can see this doing very well on the charts in Korea and internationally!

Drunk On You: B1A4 seems to be staying true to the r&b vibes in this album. This song opens up with a fluid rap and then transitions onto a “group song” style bridge and chorus. I’m not sure if it’s a reverb or if it is genuinely all of the members singing in unison, but I like it. I quite like how heavy the focus on rap in this song is, it often seemed like an afterthought in the previous songs, however this time it feels like Baro featuring B1A4 as vocals.

Together: “Together” immediately sounded like a movie soundtrack from the orchestral introduction alone. It then turns into a soft ballad with an alluring piano accompaniment and almost whispering vocals. “Together” is probably one of the best tracks on the album. There is something very charming about it, I particularly enjoyed the slow rock guitar solo tied in with the slightly melancholic piano. The vocals singing in unison is also a nice touch.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the variation in this album! B1A4 show that they perform well no matter what genre they experiment with and dabble in, and I give them two thumbs up for it! 5 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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Great range in genres, B1A4 are really living up to their trademark sound
I feel as if the album is too long and dragged out too much!
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