Block B’s first sub-unit, Bastarz’s comeback after debut is a second mini album aptly titled Welcome 2 Bastarz. After the group’s debut song Zero for Conduct was so successful the expectations for their second mini album are high. The album consists of five tracks, three of which have music videos.

Selfish and Beautiful Girl is the first song on the album, it’s lyrics talk about a girl and all her faults but how despite all her flaws they still want more of her. From the begging a deep funky bass gives way to a groovy disco-esque beat. A feature of the song has got to be the use of brass and toc toc instruments to add layers to the song musically.

Make it Rain is a song that is more reminiscent of the first mini album and probably more of what people were expecting to hear in this album. Like Zero for Conduct from the first album this song is a sexy, heavy beat from the start. The tasteful use of auto tune really adds to the overall feel of the song and the big builds to the chorus’s make the crescendo’s very satisfying to listen to.

The third song on the album is That’s Right, it’s a mix of sweet and bubbly; sweet angelic vocals mix with free flowing rap and an upbeat melody and bouncy beat complete the song.

Tightly begins with a French dialogue over piano followed by sultry lyrics and vocals. The soft harmonisations with a female vocalist adds to the sultry feel of the song too.

The Hidden Girl – the final song on the album – is another slower song, but the piano in the song keeps the song light and cheery. I like the way that the vocals climb at certain parts in the song, matching the backing track. At times the piano even adds a dreamlike feel to the song.

Honestly, this isn’t what I was expecting from Bastarz’s second mini album, and whilst I’m a little disappointed there isn’t more of a hip hop or rap influence in the album, I think it showcases the groups other versatile talents as singers.

Review written by Lauren Maley

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Bastarz - Welcome 2 Bastarz
Make It Rain
More rap next time hopefully!
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