Recently, five-member boy group BEATWIN, released their second mini-album titled “Come to Me“.

The EP, which was released on July 19, 2016, consists of 6 tracks in total; two of which are instrumentals for “Your Girl” and “Broken.” The rookie group indeed plays with their style and even mixes things up on this album. They also show off different sides of themselves to their audience that sneak their way into your heart.

The album opens up with their title song, “Your Girl” which has a fun digital beat. The curious electric beat and dance track is strikingly upbeat and sensual all at the same time. Not to mention, the fast-paced rap towards the end was well done and fit the song perfectly.

The next track, “Broken”, starts with a fast-paced rap narrative over a mid-tempo melody. The pop ballad fused with a beautiful piano melody shares a sad story about a broken relationship. The vocals and rap worked really well together, as no one overshadowed the other. Every component was well done.

Next, the boys take things down a notch in their third track with “지겹다.” This song carries a strong, heartfelt melody and the vibe seems very OST-like. It is certainly one of the the most simple and easy-to-listen-to tunes in the album, which also lets you enjoy the vocal line a bit more.

However, things don’t stay static for long because things pick up again with their next track, “Attention Pt.2”. The song has a hip-hop/rap base with a slightly sexy undertone as moans echo in the background.

Then, the extended play continues with the instrumentals for both “Your Girl” and then the lovely piano melody of “Broken.”

All in all, these boys demonstrate their potential through different genre styles which can showcase the variety in any album. However, the boys do sound like they have yet to find their own sound.

All the songs were good, but nothing was too memorable, in all honesty. Personally, I do like a few songs on the album, but I felt like the album as a whole fell a bit short. However, I do recommend our readers to have a listen to their mini-album,  “Come to Me”, because who knows? This might be your style!

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Review by Irma 

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