BIGBANG‘s M-A-D-E journey has finally come to an end.

After long delays, they finally were able to make it, leaving us all in wonder, and full of hope; that this album is going to be as epic as they promised, that it is going to be as good as the songs we’ve already heard in the previous releases, that it’s going to compensate the long absence from music coming up in the next months and years due to the mandatory military services all the members have to undergo.

BIGBANG is one of the most successful kpop groups out there. As they’re always trying out new music styles, as there’s always long hiatuses between one release and the other, and as they’re always trying to not disappoint, and mostly, just because they are BIGBANG, people do always look forward to what they’re going to bring up next.

The full album consists of 11 tracks: 8 were previously released, the other 3 are brand new songs. Looking at the album as a whole, you can say that BIGBANG provided a real full album. It has 11 consistent tracks on it, all with their own personality, all with the right touch of BIGBANG’s style. Some go under your skin, some maybe does not really, but still, they were able to confirm themselves once again as a really capable, innovative kpop group.

What I do like about this album is the variety of music genres. We have dance tracks, we have ballads, we have mid-tempo tracks. I do not want to sound biased, but I think there should be at least one track for everyone to enjoy on this album. This is something I really admire, because it is not easy to create an album suitable for all listeners.

The album starts off with the 3 new songs. First of all we have “FXXK IT”, an upbeat track which some way stays between “Bae Bae” and “We Like 2 Party”. The track slowly builds up to reach it’s peak in the refrain, which sticks to your head and definitely does not disappoint. Moreover, we have a really bright MV that comes along with this track and you have to check it out as well to fully enjoy this track.

Next one is “Last Dance”, a completely different track compared to “FXXK IT”. As I heard it for the first time, without even checking out the lyrics, I knew it was a goodbye song. This ballad is filled with BIGBANG’s hearts, it’s full emotions, and it easy you will cringe up a little bit while listening to it. BIGBANG’s voices shine to it’s best in this song, and, due to their actual situation whit mandatory military services coming up, “Last Dace” couldn’t have have been released in a better moment.

The third song of this album is the last new release from the MADE Series. “Girlfriend” is a pop-ballad, which shows us once again the versatile side of this group. If you focus on the lyrics, and you assume this track is for all the fans out there, you’ll note that it could be one of the best fan-services the group has ever made.

Starting with track 4, we have all the previously released tracks of the MADE Series.“Let’s Not Fall In Love” is a fresh, upbeat track which shows us a tender, some way cute and dreamy side of BIGBANG. Throughout the song, we can hear the beauty of the single member’s voices, mixing up the right amount of melancholy with some upbeat tunes, which transform this track to an awesome summer track.

Loser” is once more the proof of the versatility of this group, and probably the evidence that this group has many years of experience in the music market. It’s stunning how they are able to change. The intense lyrics dealing with insecurities of love, match greatly with the MV, which I really enjoyed for being as deep as the song itself.

If you listen to “Bae Bae” and even more if you watch the MV for it, you surely are going to think “what did I just see?”. This track is really particular. It’s not one of their mega-hits, but it’s not even disappointing. It’s just strange. The lyrics deal with love and lust, you could easily define it as a “sex song”. Even the MV has all the references in it, and this being explicit without being truly explicit has create quite some misunderstandings. I have some issues to relate to it, and probably it’s the song I did enjoy the less of the whole record.

Bang Bang Bang” hits you…like a bullet with a bang. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it really starts off with all the power you could wish for. Too bad this power does not stand up until the end of the track. You need to listen to this song it for a few times in a row, and then you either love it or you hate it. Especially the refrain.

Even if the title could make you assume “Sober” should be a ballad song, it actually is not. This upbeat dance track invites you to dance, to sing along, to get completely lost in it. Be sure to check out the MV as well, you won’t regret it!

We are slowly reaching to the end of the album and it’s time to go back to a slower, delicate song. “If You” shines though the beauty of BIGBANG’s voices, which are highlighted by a soft guitar strumming.

Zutter” is a collaboration track of G-Dragon with T.O.P and has a swag dope in it, and, as a whole, it is the perfect song for this two artist, which blend together greatly in this track. The disguised comical moments and the harsh, still hidden critics towards the entertainment industry is definitely worth to be praised.

To finish off, we have “We Like 2 Party” and well, once more, what seems to be a dance track from the title, ends up to be mid-tempo, R&B-influenced track with awesome acoustic guitars. It’s a really simple, still so effective track, sending us off to a satisfying whole record, which shows us the beauty, the talent and the versatility of this kpop-icons called BIGBANG.

Review written by moed88

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