Block B return with yet another release: this time, their sixth EP, “Montage”, released on 7th November 2017. The EP features five tracks, showing some interesting and new styles of music, and demonstrates how Block B have developed musically. So, let’s get into it!

  • My Zone 

The EP opens with the funky ‘My Zone’, a track with a bass guitar line and underlying trap tones. It’s a great opening to their release: it makes you get up and want to dance! ‘My Zone’ completely grabs your attention from the get-go and makes you want to listen all the way to the end. It’s a great track and a great introduction to the EP.

  • Shall We Dance

‘Shall We Dance’ is the EP’s title track and opens with a brassy trumpet before going full-on R&B with a kind of Justin Timberlake feel and a very urban sound as well. What’s so distinctive in this track is the electric guitar rifts during the choruses and of course the great falsettos during the verses. However, there is also a bit of reggaeton feel to the track which would make it a great club track. Definitely a winner!

  • One Way

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a reggae-influenced track. The last track to do it successful was Wonder Girls in their ‘Why So Lonely’. However, ‘One Way’ is far lighter and far more uplifting. ‘One Way’ is smooth, fits the vocals and rap lines of Block B and plays a different tone, using saxophone and piano in an interesting way and playing to the audience in a very different way.

  • Like This (VOCAL UNIT)

Things totally a different turn with ‘Like This’, a heartfelt ballad, focused on smooth vocals backed by strings and the piano. It’s a style that is common in K-Pop so I personally don’t think that it’s anything special. But nevertheless, it’s a lovely track if you’ve been needing a ballad in your life recently.

  • Give & Take (B-BOMB SOLO) 

Things return to R&B-pop with the smooth and slick ‘Give & Take’, an urban track with a lot of attitude. It’s a great conclusion to this EP. Supported by a fun electric guitar, a 90’s/00’s pop synths, and easy vocals, ‘Give & Take’ is an easy listen but still hearty. It makes you want to get up and move along with it.


This is another great release from Block B. It’s a mixture of tracks that Block B do amazingly well, with some experimentation and changes to their sound. It can’t be faulted (apart from ‘Like This’ perhaps…?). This EP is a definite winner and one that everyone needs to go out and listen to!

Review by Tariq

Block B - Montage
The tracks complement each other very well; it employs some new sounds that Block B pull off very well.
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