Chancellor released his full length EP album titled “My Full Name”. It contains nine tracks altogether!

First Name: The track to open the “My Full Name” album is “First Name”, which is a very appropriate introduction name as it is like Chancellor is actually introducing himself to us via his music. “My Full Name” is a slow song with a lot of synthesised effects. Chancellor sings soulfully alongside the electronic backtrack. As it is the introduction, it is a very short track!

Surrender(ft Lyn): “Surrender” is a track that features Lyn, and it has more of an acoustic sound that reminds me of early Alicia Keys. Chancellor certainly does rival Alicia Keys with how powerful his voice is and how he demonstrates his vocal prowess! It is very obvious that this track pays homeage to early pop and r&b music. Lyn is also a nice addition to this track as she compliments Chancellor’s voice very nicely!

Murda(ft Dok2): The mood and music slows down again for “Murda” featuring Dok2. Chancellor experiments with different genres of music in this track – we hear features of hip hop(the backbeat), r&b(the backtrack), and even rock! Dok2 is my favourite thing about this track, his unique rapping style really fits in with the song but in some ways I feel like he takes the shine away from Chancellor. I love how Chancellor plays with both low vocal tones and high vocal tones in this track! It is probably my favourite song on the album.

Rodea(ft Paloalto): “Rodea” feat Paloalto is the definition of R&B. This song features a cheerful and repetitive Spanish guitar sample while Paloalto plays with the beat and delivers a smooth rap style. I loved Chancellor’s vocals in this track as he tries out vibrato and some jazzier motifs!

Amazing: Song number five on the “My Full Name” album is “Amazing” and it a slower and more sultry ballad style song. Of course, the power vocals are ever so pleasant along with lyrics that are dripping with cheesy sweetness (“I’m missing your touch each time you’re far away”). The song ends in a a dramatic drum backbeat with Chancellor closing with nice breathy vocals.

Son E Ga (feat Bumkey): “Son E Ga” featuring Bumkey is a song that is the definition of 80s Jazz music. The song opens up with Bumkey singing a repetitive “dum dum dum” beat until the song itself kicks in with some funky synthesised backtracks and Chancellor’s soulful and jazzy vocals. I love the harmonies in this track, they remind me of Michael Jackson and also some early SHINee work! This song is very fun to listen to! Before the verse starts up again, Chancellor sings in staccato in hushed vocals to bring the the tension up in the song.

Better: “Better” experiments with different genres once again as there are orchestral instruments(violins open up the track) and the song is based on an acoustic guitar melody. Chancellor also sings to fit the more acoustic sound – he does not overwhelm the song with his outstanding vocals and instead he sings to match the pace of the song. I like this track because it’s simple, Chancellor does not need to go over the top melody and vocal wise to make a great track!

Venus: The second last track is titled “Venus”. “Venus” has a funk style backtrack and more r&b sounding vocals. In “Venus” is quite a sexy sounding track due to the song’s pace, Chancellor’s vocal ornamentations and lyrics “you’ll be mine girl”, and mostly due to the funk backtrack!

Last Name: Finally, and appropriately, “Last Name” is the final track, meaning Chancellor has finished introducing himself to us. Understandably, the last track is also quite short. “Last Name” can easily follow on from “First Name” in terms of style, tempo, and its electronic sound. “Last Name”, although it was the last track, and Chancellor did not actually sing in it, it gave me chills! It contained elements from every genre in the album, and it made me wonder if it is a teaser for a future album!

Overall I was very happy listening to “My Full Name” and I did not find myself skipping through any songs. It is a very musically unique album that contains an array of genres and stylings, and I highly recommend for music fans to listen to it! My only peeve is how I felt that some tracks did not really fit in with the album. I give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Review written by Isabelle

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Chancellor - My Full Name
I love the experimentation with various music genres!
It could be shorter! Some tracks did not stand out like others in the album.
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