On December 6th, Day6 released its 2nd full album “MOONRISE” which include 13 tracks in the digital version and 18 in the physical edition.

After a year of monthly singles, this album is the perfect collection of the great efforts of this rock band. So much of a hat to them, for their hard work and the ongoing promotions for nothing more than 12 months in a row. What you can find in this record are both previously released tracks as well as some new ones. Even though, this is one of the best music collections I’ve heard so far in 2017.

Day6 are quite capable as a group, as well as versatile. They show off high qualities both in slow as well as rock-infounded tracks,

Better Better
This a great track to start off this album. It’s a powerful love declaration song, with just the right amount of rock and slower parts. This gives you the chance to fully appreciate both the vocals as well as the instrumentals. My appreciation notes goes to Young.K, who stands out exceptionally well in this track

I Like You
This track is a slower one, filled with emotions and daintiness. Nevertheless, it does not lose the typical Day6 rock elements, and that’s the thing I do like about this track and which makes it worthy of being the title track. Even if I do love their energetic tracks way more, this one captured me as well, but it filled me with melancholy. You definitely need to check out the cut MV that goes with it!

What Can I Do → August release + MV
Released back in August, this is a playful track, with some retrò elements which are very pleasant to listen to. I’m particularly fond of the instrumentals in it; the bass and the synths are just great and matches superbly with the vocals (shout out to Wonpil! Awesome!).

I’ll remember → September Release
Part of the September release, this track has a very particular intro part and wobbles you into some bright and clear vocals, which are delightful to listen to. What I do like of this track is the capacity of the instrumentals which compensates the more delicate, still intense vocals.

Whatever! → August Release
Releases in August, “Whatever!” starts off with Young.K and some higher vocals, followed by some deeper tunes. The whole gave me goosebumps and I did really fell in love with it. The other highlight is Wonpil, who stands out as well. But it’s not the two of them which deserve some praise, it’s the whole group together, as they do really fit well together and they are always able to deliver interesting sounds and vocals.

Be Lazy
With “Be Lazy” we swap rock sounds with funky vibes. It’s catchy, upbeat and in some way very sensual. It differs from their usual songs in a positive way, bringing in some fresh air and showing us they are very capable dealing different genres.

Hi Hello → July Release MV
This song is a slower one, with instrumentals embracing the vocals. Beautifully arranged, this track wins you over with falsettos, high pitched voices and the ease, peacefulness it radiates.

I Loved You → September Release
Compared to “I’ll remember”, which was also released in September, this track has more power in it and you’ll definitely fell in love with it. From the birds chirping to the highlight chorus, everything feels so well balanced and just right in this rock ballad track. There is nothing in particular that stands out in this song, it’s just “simply” the whole thing that sounds so beautiful and goes deep into your soul and hear.

When You Love Someone (그렇더라고요) → October Release
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All Alone (혼자야) → November Release
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Pouring (쏟아진다) → November Release
This is another fast-paced track that embraces Day6 voices in a very beautiful and harmonious way. The chorus is the highlight of the track and strongly reminds me of Japanese anime soundtracks.

I Need Somebody (누군가 필요해) → October Release
This track presents itself quite differently from the other songs. It’s more an indie-rock track, with slower acoustic paces, delicate voices and darker-themed lyrics. Once again, the vocals are quite astonishing and I do really love this track in its whole.

I’ll Try (노력해볼게요)
This is what I’d define as a rock ballad. It’s a very emotional track, which gives you goosebumps and maybe even some watery eyes. The best part is the final acapella, which was very unexpected and so beautifully performed.

DAY6 - Moonrise
superb vocals
many different genres on one album
you have to appreciate rock bands to fully enjoy this album
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