After 3 years of absence, Epik High is back with a new album called “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” with a total of 11 tracks on it.

  1. People Scare Me
  2. Love Story (ft. IU)
  3. No Thanxxx (ft. MINO, Simon Dominic, The Quiett)
  4. Home is Far Away (ft. Oh Hyuk)
  5. Here Come The Regrets (ft. Lee Hi)
  6. The Benefits of Heartbreak (ft. Suhyun)
  7. Bleed
  8. Tape July 28th 2002
  9. Us Against The World
  10. Lost One (ft. Kim Jong Wan)
  11. Munbae-dong (ft. Crush)

As you can see from the tracklist, the first thing that catches your eyes are the featuring artists and even before listening, you can suppose this new piee of work of this tireless trio  is going to be full of (pleasant and colorful) surprises. So indeed, I was sure they were going to deliver something wonderful even before I was going to listen to this album.

People Scare Me

This is the first track of this record. Yes, people do scare me as well, and I suppose I’m not the only one. It hits our reality and our lives, no matter where we live or how old we are.

“I can’t trust anyone
Cuz you are fucked if you think that it’s gonna be okay
You’re free to your own imaginations
But you can’t even imagine freedom
This world scares me”

The lyrics says it all – and the power and the candor of how they express it is rather beautiful, maybe a little bit aggressive. Everything soothed and balanced up by beautiful instrumentals and echoing vocals.

“They say I don’t know how the world works
But thanks to the adults who scolded me
I can see so clearly how the world works
So people scare me the most”


Love Story

This is the first feat. track of this album and it has a way sweeter and delicate atmosphere in it. IU‘s innocent and soothing voice does really fits in this track and the dreamy background piano and violins makes it really pleasant to listen to. Moreover, it really matches with the sad, heartbreaking context of the lyrics of this track.

“Our first night after being pulled together by our drunken attraction
Actually, I was drunk even before I had my first drink
I think what we drank was destiny

We sobered up way too fast
Back then we couldn’t live without each other
But now, every day is like a war
We look at each other as if we’ll kill each other
Then we face the end of our tears”

No Thanxxx

This is a massive collaboration track with Minho, Simon Dominic and The Quiett. In contrast to the previous track, “No Thanks” goes off like a bomb with intense, angry rap lines. Using not really delicate words, they do all express their own, clear defined opinions, which can be summed up by this lyrics

You get one life
Don’t waste it on me
Can I live my life?
Let me live it how I wanna.
Worrying about me? No thanks!”

Home is Far Away

This is one of the two title tracks of this album and it is absolutely beautiful. This song, which features Oh Hyuk from Hyukoh, deals with “uncomfortable feelings”, which maybe conveys the lyrics even more under our skin; because we can relate to, because we feel/felt like them and because the way Epik High is transposing it does feel more real than many other things. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to listen to this song and the respective MV.

Here Come The Regrets

Featuring a mesmerizing Lee Hi, this track has a soulful vibe, partnered up with sensual electro backgrounds and outspoken rap lines. This track is probably my favourite of the album because it’s really nonpareil to any other songs of this album.

“Ever since you left, been rainy days.
I’ve been a fuckin’ mess.
Wakin’ up in a sweat,
memories a haze,
still faded and drunk as shit.
Been anywhere that trouble is and God is not.”

The Benefits of Heartbreak

This song features another beautiful voice of the kpop world. Suhyun of AKMU. She sounds really cute in this track, the raps indeed sounds dark, lower and anguish. A track which really focuses on the singing and rapping, leaving less space to the instrumentals, which do “only” simply flow with the lyrics.

Is it time? Is it emotions?
Tomorrow will be like today
Honestly, I’m a little scared
Because no matter how much I fill it
My heart is still empty”


With “Bleed” we have another turnover. Basically back to raw rap lines, which do have it’s swag and go way too deep under your skin. For this track, it’s essential to focus on the lyrics, directed to the fans:

“I feel sorry for my fans
Loving me is hard
Because they walk with me through my ups and downs
When it was easier to throw me away rather than protect me
you are here with me through the rise and falls
Here’s my heart, here’s my blood
Imma give you my all
Our smiles always wither even before it blooms
But even unbloomed flowers can make a garden if you gather them”

Us Against The World

This song flows as smooth as water, it’s pleasant to listen to and it makes you feel relaxed and at ease. As you focus on the lyrics, you’ll see this song is a beautiful tribute to friends, which makes this track so comforting and brings in such a positive message in this album. I do really love the children suddenly singing, rapidly followed by Epik High’s singing, it gave a fresh, young and innocent splash to this track

“When the world hurt me, yeah
when love left me, yeah
My friends were always there
It’s us against the world”

Lost One

In this song we have another beautiful feature: Kim Jong Wan of Nell. His poignant voice, conveys a lot of emotions (and drama). Once again, to fully appreciate this track, I highly recommend you to focus on the lyrics. There are some deep, sad and surely a little bit scary (and personal?) parts in it.

“My child, when you follow
Look carefully that the road I take
Some day, I won’t be able to walk next to you
I’m leaving my footprints here
Look and avoid them
Your dream that you dream while looking at me
When you wake up, hope it won’t be a nightmare”


The last song of the record has Crush as featured artist and it’s a smooth track to finish up this beautiful, manifold album.

Once again, Epik High has gifted us with a full-package album: there’s a little bit of everything in this record, still it has the unequivocal streak of this talented artist. They’re active in the (difficult) Korean music scene for over 14 years, without loosing their personality, their originality and magical power to still improve and grow with every record.

This album has a track for everyone, it has lyrics for everyone, it provides happiness but also sadness, maybe some tears, but there is nothing more beautiful than emotions conveyed by music, to the whole world out there.

Review by Moed88

Epik High - We’ve Done Something Wonderful
Featured artists
Every song has its personality, still the album stands as a whole
Without knowing the lyrics, the tracks can loose some of their beauty and power
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