This album is all about experiencing different feelings such as love, friendship and happiness with both your friends, family and partners. GFRIEND should be very proud of themselves for this as it is a great album! We hope GFRIEND’s popularity continues to grow and we hope the album becomes a success!

This is a short, quirky intro to the album and gives the idea that the album will have a fun theme!

2.Fall In Love
This song is about not understanding all the talk of ‘love at first sight’ but then falling in love and understanding it completely.

Navillera is all about wanting to start again with your partner and hoping that your love for them will keep your relationship together. It’s a great song.

LOL is about asking your friends if they can laugh as well as smile and cheer everyone up including yourself by simply having a good time. It is a catchy song.

This song is about meeting up with someone and finally seeing them as they want to be seen when you are a few inches away from them. It is a good song.

6.Water Flower
Water Flower is about feeling like you are going to explode from the feelings of happiness and joy that you are experiencing.

Mermaid is all about wanting to re-live falling in love with someone and hoping that they understand why you don’t want to change what’s already happened.

This song is about someone glowing like sunshine when they see a specific person and being happy about it. It’s a good song.

Compass is about wanting to be with someone no matter where they are.

Click is about your partner taking candid photo’s of you which make you smile every time you hear the shutter sound of the camera. It is a cute song.

11.Gone With The Wind
This song is about being blown away from reality and into space to get away from everything that is bothering you.

12.Navillera (Instrumental)
This song is as good as the original!

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Review written by Kirsty