“THE AWAKENING” is the 4th mini-album released by GFRIEND, and in my opinion, is a strong mini-album that greatly showcases the talents of GFRIEND!

Hear the Wind Sing: This is such a catchy album opener! It has the sound of an anime opening though, which is quite cheesy in its own way. GFRIEND’s voices are sweet and the way the beat builds in a dance style is fun to listen to. The music then takes a more trendy turn and the chorus has a club beat which works very well with the violin melody! Overall, this track is a strong album opener and one of my favourite songs on the mini-album!

Fingertip: Although it is the music video track, “Fingertip” is my least favourite track on “THE AWAKENING” album. At first, I liked the funk style backtrack but I feel like it overshadows the vocals of GFRIEND and I found myself getting tired of listening to it coming up to the chorus. I feel as if this track is a hit or a miss, and maybe it needs to grow on me!

Contrail: Keeping on with the retro feeling from “Fintertip”, “Contrail” continues on with the same feeling! This track is more toned down, however. I liked the minor melody progressions in this track as they caught my attention more! The chorus also has a passionate feeling to it however I am not a fan of the synthesised backbeat, I feel as if the song could have worked better with a more “natural” melodic backtrack, over a synthesised one.

Please Save My Earth: With a track title like this, I was half expecting a public service announcement on global warming and saving the environment, but instead this is a track that reminds me of the early days of Girls’ Generation! The song does sound a bit outdated and the vocals are weaker here. I feel as if GFRIEND were playing it safe for this track, however the chorus is sweet!

Rain in the Spring: The piano introduction to this track tied with the backbeat made for a perfect combination! I like GFRIEND’s soft vocals in this song also, they are easy to listen to and the harmonies made me feel relaxed when I listened to them! “Rain in the Spring” is definitely a song that better demonstrates the vocal skills and flexibility of the GFRIEND members as they sang both low and soft tones as well as high and more complex notes!

Crush: The final track on “THE AWAKENING” album is “Crush”! Crush is another strong closer, and one of the better tracks on the mini-album. It ends with a playful beat and melody. It again plays with the funk genre but does so in a way that actually works and suits the song! The “doo-doo-doo” hook is also quite catchy! 

I really enjoyed listening to “THE AWAKENING” and I feel as if it deserves a 4 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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GFRIEND - The Awakening
The album opens and closes with strong, catchy tracks!
Some tracks sound a bit outdated!
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