The charming members of JYP’s male idol group Got7 released their seventh mini-album entitled 7 for 7. Their album shot to number 2 on the Billboard World Album Chart following its release. Rather fitting of the title, their latest album consists of seven wonderful track, one for each dazzling member.

  • Moon U

Moon U opens with the magical twinkling sound you might find in a Disney movie. This catchy first track compares a moon to the love interest in the song from their actions to their appearance to how their presence makes the members feel (e.g smiling when they see both the moon and the girl they like).

  • Teenager

This second track talks about a love which takes you back to your teenage years, where everything seems new and exciting. The rap section of this song is very current and similar to recent American styles. Got7 released a wonderful dance practice video for this track and the choreography is as impressive as you’d expect.

  • You Are

You Are is the promotional track for this mini album and hence comes with a beautiful video. For me, this is the most meaningful track on the entire album. This track is about the power of love to strengthen you in the darkest moments of life. It focuses on the person who cheers you up when you’re down; adding meaning to an otherwise meaningless day and numbing the pain of reality. The song compares the presence of that person to a cloudless sky.

  • Firework

Similes are rife on this album as this fourth track, slower than the first two, also makes a comparison but this time to a firework. Firework is an interesting track as there is no rapping, instead, we get to hear the rappers sing alongside the usual vocalists- a lovely change.

  • Remember You

Remember you is about a past relationship that you’re not quite over, you’re still preoccupied with memories of them and you want to know if they still think of you. On this track, Mark and BamBam return to their usual role (rapping), with a gentle rap and fans are gifted with the opportunity to hear Jackson sing once again which is a rare delight. Jackson’s singing is a lot better on this track than the previous one.

  • To Me (내게)

To Me moves away from the focus on feelings of affection towards another and focuses more on the perception of oneself and the perception of others towards oneself. There is great variety in speed on this track which is quite fast in some places and slower in others, it also ends quite abruptly with BamBam’s rap.

  • Face

The final tack on this mini album is Face and talks about missing your ex and wanting to get back together (a common theme). This track marks the return of Jackson’s deep voice in his rap section which is a contrast to the exceptional sweet harmonies delivered by the vocalists.

All seven tracks are catchy and make for an enjoyable album. This is the perfect treat for fans and worthy of being the (special) seventh mini album from this seven-member wonder.

Review by Celena

GOT7 - 7 for 7
All the tracks are catchy.
The lyrics for some tracks are common and overused. Although the tracks are catchy, greater originality would improve this mini album.
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