If you have not heard by now, the rap line of HIGH4, Alex and Youngjun created a subunit form a Hip-Hop subunit group known as HIGH4:20. On October 3, 2016, the duo released their first single album, which consist of their single “Hook가” and another track titled “The Weekend.” These two song illustrate a tougher image of the rappers as well as expose fans to their cool hip-hop side as opposed to their ballad and pop melodies.

The first track starts off the album is none-other than “HookGA.” The song has a catchy trap instrumental and the hook is pretty addictive as well. It is definitely an upbeat and energetic type of tune with funky and heavy beats. Between the two rappers, Youngjun gave a much cleaner and fluid delivery. While Alex on the other hand, had a rather laid-back and relaxed presentation. Hwasa’s addition however was super sassy, but sadly her part was very short.

The B-side track titled “The Weekend” carries a more melodic and mesmerizing essence in contrast. The way Alex executed his rap flow and lyrics here were well done and seemed to fit well with the melody. Youngjun also was equally impressive, but Alex seemed to shine here a lot more. His deep and husky vocals really stood out. After a few listens, their rap styles began to remind me of underground rappers Sik-K and Bryan Chase. And if you like them, you will certainly this track.

Overall, it is the subunits first debut as HIGH4:20, they demonstrate a cool image and rap styles. Their whole take on the Hip-Hop and Rap scene is surprisingly good and one of my favorite projects that they have done so far. Unfortunately, they only released two tracks which is disappointing because I would have liked to hear more. Still these rapper gave us a sample of what they can do. I can only hope they will release more work like this in the future, even as HIGH4, but we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, please check-out their single album!

Review written by Irma

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HIGH4:20 - Hook가
Good Hip-Hop instrumentals, lyrics and delivery.
Lack of tracks.
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