AOMG’s Hoody released her first mini-album called “On and On”. This record has a total of 8 tracks plus the instrumental version of the title song on it.It was a pleasant surprise to hear what this talented artist was finally able to deliver, and I had a lot of fun to listen to this record all the way long. It’s one of this album you hit play, jam through it and simply enjoy every single track on it without even noticing.

The album starts off with “BY Your Side”, a track produced by AOMG’s Peejay and which has a feat. Of Jinbo on it. It’s a fresh start of the whole, with the right amount of funky and smoothness in it and the voice of Hoody shines from the first moment on. Definitely a song you’ll pleasantly listen to lightheartedly.

Next one is the title track of the record. “Your Eyes” is produced by GRAY, a well known producer as well as singer from the AOMG crew. As guest on this we have Jay Park, who is able to complement greatly to Hoody’s voice with some soft still powerful notes. Hoody’s voice is seducing and soft in this track, creating an awesome r&b atmosphere.

“The Light” has an amazing beautiful, still particular sound. This dream-like track is filled with GRAY’s talent in producing is definitely one of my favorites of this mini-album.

Lust” carries on the smooth atmosphere of the previous songs, with a touch of electronics, which is a great match. ELO gives his special touch to the track through his impeccable voice and the whole is greatly produced by Cha Cha Malone.

Forest” is some sort of psychedelic track you absolutely fell in love with. Hoody’s voice is absolutely tempting and sensual, making us longing for more of her beautiful voice. You notice she produced this track by herself, for her.

Need U” has an amazing featuring of Dok 2 on it and I absolutely fell in love with the voice combination of him with Hoody’s voice. They are such a powerful duo! It can sound awkward, but his fast rhymes do match with her slower, alluring voice.

Like You” is another smooth r&b track, which does not shine as much as the previous ones, still it’s not a bad one, just the weaker on on a delightfully good album.

The outro track is “On and On”. This song has a dark, mysterious atmosphere and finishes up the album in a great way, leaving you absolutely satisfied with what you heard.

Review written by moed88

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