‘It’s Me’ is Hyolyn’s first solo mini-album and second music release after “Love and Hate” of this talented member of Sistar.

With a total of 6 tracks and different artists invited as featurings, this mini-album shows off different sides of Hyolyn and the unique voice of hers.

The album immediately starts with the title track “Paradise”, filled with an oriental flair and some good dance parts which definitely deserve a good choreography to move on it. It’s fun to listen to but it’s still not powerful enough to be defined as title track which should represent an album after such a long hiatus. There’s a lot of music genres in this song, Hyolyn is constantly switching from pop to hip hop and then to EDM, building up something that seems a little bit confusing and which does not reach a peak at all as we’re constantly confronted with different musical resonances.

Love Like This”, a song which takes a completely different approach. It’s not upbeat, but it’s not a slow track song either. The featuring rapper Dok2, gives a fresh touch up to the whole. Honestly, it’s my favourite track of this record, mostly because Hyolyn’s voice is shown from it’s best part in this song. And because I do really love Dok2 and his fierce rapping.

One Step” is an intricate slow track, with a touch ot synth music in the background. Hyolyn is able to give off a powerful, still delicate vocal performance in this song, and the whole is getting even better thanks to the feat. Of Jay Park, who gives an additional soothing touch to the song.

Go Away” is the one and only track where Hyolyn really shines. The smooth instrumentals give us the chance to fully focus on her voice, which is powerful, clear and filled with the right amount of fierceness to represent the lyrics for the best.

Slow” is the next featuring track of this album. This time Hyolyn collaborates with Jooheon of Monsta X. What I expected to be a rather powerful track filled with rapping parts, ends up being a smooth slow track with a harmonic, sensual refrain and some vocal pitches which are incredible intense. Jooheon’s rapping is well done, but it’s kinda unnecessary in this song and I do not think it matches the atmosphere this song wants to create towards the listener.

To finish off, Hyolyn throws herself in powerful synths and transforms into a sometimes rather messy dance track. It gets you pumed, it invites you to dance, still it does not fully represent Hyolyn’s powerful way of being a singer.

All in all I was a little bit disappointed by this album, simply because I did expect more from a talented singer like Hyolyn is. This album has a few great parts in it, but overall seen it’s messy and it seems that the puzzle pieces were put together in a hurry, not giving her (and us) the time to fully appreciate what should have been an amazing album by an amazing artist.

Review written by moed88

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Hyolyn – It's Me
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