After being away from the music scene for some time, Infinite has finally returned with their latest album Infinite Only. This will mark the group’s 6th mini-album which consist of 7 original tracks. Two of which, both members Dongwoo and Hoya took apart in writing the lyrics and the music production.

The album begins with “Eternity”, a harmonic and short instrumental that sends the listener into the world of infinite. No lyrics or words just a simple yet beautiful arrangement of piano, violins and digital mastering done by BEE of Rphabet.

It then follows-up perfectly into their title track “The Eye”, which transcends the album into the more electric and dance elements. It has a classic Infinite vibe as the electronica starts to breakout. Not to mention, all the members demonstrate their powerful vocals on this track, including Hoya and Dongwoo. Interestingly, this is also the only song that incorporates a foreign sound bite from some film which makes it even more intriguing.

The third track “Air”, similarly shares the same electric sounds as heard in the last song. Again, we have a clear dance element with digital breakdowns here and there. The vocals, however, are more sharp and powerful over the airy and happy tune.

One Day” tones down the edginess of the album with its soft yet rock-ish melody. Although, the ballad is not completely slow because it introduces electric guitars and the vocals seem to bounce ever so charmingly, it still holds a strong, warm-loving character.

The fifth track alike plays at a slow pace and shares a warm fuzzy feeling in “True Love”. This melodic tune is perfect in vocals, sound, lyrics and arrangement, the overall production is brilliant. Its vibrant sounds of trumpet and horns balance out so well with the background vocals and hypnotizes you, which makes this my personal favorite off the album.

The following song “고마워” or “Thank You” is a true and pure ballad. The light and gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar leaves a bittersweet tone. Not to mention the members vocals feel more emotional in comparison to their other previous ballads. However, this is still a charming yet slightly somber track in as a result to the other songs.

Finally, the last song wraps things up on an electronica and EDM note. “Zero” has a nice build-up as the track plays throughout filling us with energy again. This song has a retro vibe and puts you in a state of trance. The rappers certainly shine here as they go out with a bang verse after verse while the other sing along with the enchanting tune..

In short, Infinites 6th mini-album shares their natural, unique and electric music style. The album did fall a little short in comparison to their previous albums because the others had a lot more variety in sound. However, they still managed to maintain their signature style and that’s all long time fans can really ask for with a long-running group like Infinite.

Review written by Irma

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INFINITE - Infinite Only
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Arrangement of tracks on the album and lack of ballads.
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