Korean American singer and rapper, Jay Park has been continually releasing content throughout the year. On October 20, 2016 the idol released his latest project Everything You Wanted. This will mark the rapper’s third full album, which consist of nineteen tracks in total. It includes his most recent singles such as “Drive,” “All I Wanna Do,” “Aquaman” and a ton more. While the album holds recent hits it also consists of remixes and Korean versions of certain song as well as a number of features.

The album begins with “Replay” a slow R&B melody. Jay Park sings in a sensual manner getting his listener’s in the mood for the tedious ride. If you like the bedroom jams, the third track “Feature” is similar as it has lyrically explicit and shares a lot of graphic imagery. The addition of Cha Cha Malone’s smooth vocals helps hits this song out of the park.

I Don’t Disappoint” on the other hand increases any sexual tension that was building up with this track. The track was well produced because it has a fuses a sexy sound and an upbeat melody together. It’s so good it reminds me of something Trey Songz would possibly produce.

Similarly, these two other track off the album, “All I Wanna Do” and “Solo” have the same uptempo melody and bubbly beats to match. The two also have a catchy chorus that’s paired with a very danceable melody. However the only difference between this version of “All I Wanna Do” and the Korean version is that the other one features labelmates, Hoody and Loco on the track.

Again, the album does not drift away from the R&B sound as it goes into the fifth track, “Limousine.” The party R&B tune sets the mood for a good time as Jay sings “what happened here stays here,” which features rapper KRNFX, who adds a sense of excitement with his vocals.

If you’re looking for something more original then “Alone Tonight” might be it. This melodic Hip Hop instrumental features Sik-K, which delivers a slurry yet fun rap into the track. Personally, the song reminds me of “Rendezvous” from Sik-K’s album Flip.

Only One” on the other hand finally breaks the R&B loop and has a harder sound. The Hip Hop sound and elements of digital beats created a new tone. The featuring artist, Raz Simone adds in deep lines into the mix and creates an aggressive track.

The ninth song “The Truth Is” is a single Jay Park had released before online. The Korean lyrics tell the story of a broken-hearted guy that longs for the return of his ex-girlfriend. The song nicely translates into the next track “Stay With Me,” where Jay pleads for his girl to come back and stay by his side. The song itself fills the air with an electric guitar creating a bittersweet bluish melody.

The following tunes uplift the mood with “Drive” and “Aquaman,” which are quite similar tunes. Both share a mid-tempo beat and Hip Hop/R&B melodies. However, “Drive” has a fresh yet classic R&B sound while “Aquaman” has a more modern and groovy style.

However, things start to get exciting again with “Me Like Yuh.” This uptempo with reggaeton elements is a summer hit. The album gives listeners an English and Korean version, which features Hoody, but only on the Korean one. Still, both versions have a catchy chorus and a completely animated instrumental to get a crowd of people dancing.

The next song “2nd Thots” tells a different story as the lyrics exposed a girl who tries to play innocent when in reality she’s a only interested in the fame and fortune. Then things get mixed-up with “Forever.” Here we have a digital pop track featuring DJ Ale Mora and Cha Cha Malone who lends his vocals towards the end. Which I have to admit seems a bit out of place for the concept of the album.

The last two track on the album, “Turn Off Your Phone” and “I Got This” are slow jam melodies. “Turn Off Your Phone” is a bedroom jam with explicit lyrics about a passionate night. As opposed to “I Got This,” which is a more interpersonal piece. Jay lets down his bad boy image and instead expressed his worries and thoughts.

In short, Everything You Wanted is a classic Jay Park album filled with bilingual tracks and Hip Hop melodies. There are a handful of singles that he pre-released on this album – that will make fans really happy to have on one album along with the original tracks as well. This album was really good, even though the songs did start to sound a bit repetitive and similar in style to one another. However, I applaud Jay as he kept true to what he does best, R&B. Overall this is definitely an album to check out and give a listen to, there is a something for everyone on it.

Review written by Irma

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