Jay Park and Ugly Duck dropped a collaboration mini-album titled “Scene Stealers“. This album features quite a few artists so it is a pretty diverse mini-album!

  1. PUT’EM UP: This is a great album-opener. The backtrack has a dark and grimey feeling to it – it suits the hip hop image perfectly and it suits the current Korean hip hop trends perfectly. Jay Park and Ugly Duck spit perfect lines in this track and I love how they play with the beat.
  2. Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party: The backtrack for this song leans away from the traditional hip hop feeling, and leans more into synthesised sounds and electronic backbeats. It’s a bit more melodic than the previous track, as it uses autotune and the lyrics and rapping is a bit more musical. The track progresses heavily into dance music, so I can see why it is the main music video track – it fits with the trends of the general public.
  3. PLP: This track features Far East Movement! This was probably my least favourite track on the album. The tone of the rapping sounded a little bit obnoxious and there was no diversity in playing with the beat or the flow of the rapping. I prefered Ugly Duck’s participation in this track!
  4. NOWHERE: I love how this song opens up, it brings on that dark feeling from before. This track has a great rhythm to it in both the beat and the rap flow. I love how Jay Park and Ugly Duck play with lyrics. This track also has an interesting hook and pre-chorus – it brings on a feeling of suspense and it makes you anticipate the rap beat coming back into the song.
  5. Who You: Anybody who has seen Show Me the Money 5 will know this track. It is team AOMG’s “defining” song, if I were to put it one way. However, this version includes the rapper Day Day who was unfortunately eliminated! I much prefer this version of the track and I love the tough-guy badass vibe it brings on. The hook is also addictive and I find it stuck in my head quite often.
  6. Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party (Clean Version): There’s not much to say about this other than that I prefer the original version. The original version has more edge and a stronger feeling to it!

I loved listening to this mini-album and I wish it were longer! I will definitely come back to listen to it in the future.

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Review by Isabelle

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