Jun.K of 2PM is back with another solo album with a total of 10 tracks on it. With his obligatory military service coming up, 77-1X3-00 can be seen as his goodbye gift before his 2 years absence. Jun.K was able to develop his own style during his years in kpop and once more, or maybe this time even more than before, he was able to create something that has his very own personality in each song and I so love it.

The album starts off with “Alive pt.2” and it’s a bizzarre song, but you’re surely going to like. The strong beats, the synths and most of it the rap lines placed in the right place strikes, making it a pleasant track to listen and to introduce us to this album. And it confirms my high expectations towards this talented artist.

No Shadow” is once again a track which appears to be a Jun.K song in each and every facet. It’s a typical R&B track, which completely differs from “Alive Pt.2” and the bridge between the two tracks seems to be rather lacking. Nevertheless, the track has it’s own balance in it, and for me it’s incredible how he’s able to blend high pitched notes with hip hop lines and sensual refrain lines.

We move over to “Goodbye”, and this time as well, we have a rather hectic bridge from the previous track to this one. The pace of this song is structured in a rather strange way, still it’s pleasant to listen to it, as you can feel the vibe and the funk in it.

Phone Call” is one of the songs by Jun.K. I do really like. It starts off rather slow and slowly reaches it’s peak in the refrain. You are able to appreciate his voice i n its fulliest in this track and I assure you, you’d definitely pick up the phone hearing this sensual and intriguing voice.

Next one is “Mary Poppins”, once more a track which seems to be prepared perfectly for Jun.K’s voice and style. The vibrant mood, the R&B style, which is prevalent throughout the song, is simply beautiful and puts you at ease from the first moment on. Even though the water drops does not fit in greatly, there’s a huge amount of freshness in it and you should surely feel the flirty atmosphere in it.

What seems to be a Christmas track is indeed “Good Morning”, and it greets us in a tender and sweet way. The beat is awesome in this track and it embraces Jun.K’s voice in a great way, making it one of the strongest tracks of this album. And I do feel really happy after hearing this song, so it’s definitely good for me.

Walking on the Moon” starts off with a funky jazz style and I do really love the background music in this track, it’s rather addicting and puts you at the peace. Jun.K’s voice is rather intense in this track, and fluctuates to powerful to really delicate and sensual until the end.

Just One Night” starts off rather chaotic and the jazzy tune is easily overshadowed by rather aggressive rap lines. The refrain is then again well balanced and structured, saving this song from becoming one big disaster.

Love Letter Remix” has a great atmosphere in it, and you can feel the power of the vocals as well as effective instrumentals. It has a way more mainstream effects than the previous songs of this album and I thing he could reach a vast audience with this song, as it’s wrapped in all the essence to be a hit track.

To finish off, we have another powerful track called “Your Wedding”, and it comes along with a powerful MV. This slow track has all the beauty of Jun.K’s voice in it and it should captivate you. There’s a lot of emotions in this song and I do like the way he’s able to express it through the lyrics and melodies. It’s an awesome way to finish off this album and say goodbye to his fans, which surely appreciate his last gift before enlistment. And for the ones who are not fans, Jun.K was able to deliver an almost flawless piece of work, full of individuality and with a lot of personality in every song, which shows us the great capability of this artist.

Review written by moed88

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JUN. K - 77-1X3-00
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