Junho of 2PM has recently released his latest solo mini album “Canvas” containing tracks predominantly of the  R&B genre. The physical copy of the album contains seven tracks whilst the digital version only contains five, the digital album is what has been reviewed for this article.

CANVAS is the title track for the mini album, it’s a dreamy sounding track with a synth xylophone instrumental  and calm smooth vocals. It’s relaxing to listen to and has a beat to bop along to as you listen.

Second on the album is the track titled “Fine“. It has a lighter more airy feeling to it despite also being a track with a synth xylophone based instrumental; it gives a different feel. It sound like a late night sweet serenade, with a slow pop beat instrumental, the sweet vocals perfectly match the slow swaying beat.

Instant love” is the third track on the album and the opening of the track sounds similar to the end of the previous track, that is until the beat picks up. The heavy synth beat is matched with Junho’s reverb heavy vocals. The long electronic based instrumental at the end of the song is a unique change in tone for the song.

The fourth track on the album is “Nobody Else“, the song has a happy-go-lucky feel to the beat which is enhanced further by the free flowing lazy rap verse at the beginning of the song. This in addition to the catchy chorus, repeating the song title with harmonious vocals gives this song a fresh feeling.

From the first note of “Bye Bye” you can tell this song is very different from the rest of the tracks on the album, and not just because it is featuring CHEEZE. The mellow piano instrumental that opens the song transforms into a more jazzy sound as the song progresses. Junho’s vocals are initially very mellow, followed by the female vocalists very sweet voice until they blend together to sing in duet.

Review by Lauren

Junho (2PM) - Canvas
Junho seems to be producing songs that are in keeping with what is popular at the moment in Korea and showing a different style than his image with 2PM.
A more variation between the instrumentals of the tracks would be nice.
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