Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan made a comeback with his 3rd mini album ‘Trace of Emotion‘ released on 14th November.

The album consists of 5 tracks, two of which are instrumentals.

  1. Stardust (안녕, 잠시만)
  2. Winter (미치도록)
  3. Afterimage (헤어지긴 한 걸까)
  4. Winter (Inst.)
  5. Afterimage (헤어지긴 한 걸까)  (Inst.)

Stardust” is an apt title for this first track, as this lyrics mention the stars in the night sky and make comparisons to shooting stars. There is a beautiful piano melody to accompany Kim Dong Wan’s amazing voice. The lyrics speak of calling out to the one you love via the night sky as they are not there to answer you.

On this second track, “Winter“, Kim Dong Wan yearns for his former love who is now in the arms of another, he’s driven crazy by all the memories of her triggered by the cold winds of winter. As with the first track, Kim Dong Wan’s voice if full of emotion against the wonderful instrumental.

Afterimage” is the third track and sticks to the theme of being reminded of your former partner. On this track, Kim Dong Wan can see his former partner in day to day activities as if she’s still there but she isn’t.The image he sees is only an afterimage, an image so vivid it feels real. Kim Dong Wan desperately tries to forget his ex-girlfriend but can’t escape the memories.

The final two tracks are instrumental versions of “Winter” and “Afterimage”. This is the opportunity to listen to the beautiful instrumentals without being distracted by the impressive vocals. These tracks demonstrate that lyrics don’t necessarily make the song, the instrumental is equally as important. Without the vocals, you can still feel the emotions of both tracks.


“Trace of Emotion” is a wonderful mini-album to keep you warm as we enter the cold season. Each track teases emotions out of the listener as they get drawn into the album’s theme of constantly being reminded of your former partner.

Review by Celena

Kim Dongwan (SHINHWA) - Trace of Emotion
the lyrics are simple but beautiful and convey the emotions a person missing a former partner would feel.
All the tracks are quite similar, which works well but might be a little boring for some
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