Intro: The introduction track to “Miss This Kiss” is vibrant and playful. It invokes a summer feeling and it had an overall positive effect on me! I feel like with a stronger beat, it would make a great dance and club tune! The beat it already has is quite addictive to listen to though!

Hwi Hwi: “Hwi Hwi” is the music video track. This is hands-down my favourite track on the mini-album too! Although it was released at the end of Spring, again, it brings forth that hot summer feeling and it makes me want to chill out all day. I found myself coming back and listen to it more and more. The whistling motive is really catchy and it got stuck in my head after listening to it once! The vocals in the song are also great and they are not ‘overdone’. It is a very trendy track on par with the top girl groups right now!

Story Travel: “Story Travel” has a more of a jazzy vibe to it. The staccato vocals suit the melody of the song perfectly. The song is almost like r&b meets jazz, as some parts of the track have more r&b aspects(the back beat, the vocal style and tone), whereas the melody itself is very jazzy! I would love to see a dance number being paired with this song.

빛이 되어줘: Things slow down for track number four. “빛이 되어줘” roughly translates to “Be the Light”. This song reminds me of something GFRIEND would release as it has that girl-next-door, dreamy vibe. It sounds like a sweet song and I was impressed with how well the rapping fit in with the song! The vocals are also more impressive in this song too as the main vocals demonstrate their singing prowess in style.

천지차이: “천지차이”, meaning “The difference between heaven and earth” is the next track. This is another fun and upbeat, fast-paced track. It has a catchy “la-la-la” hook which I found myself singing along to while listening to the track. This was probably my least favourite song however, as I feel the melody and vocals didn’t leave much of an impression on me. It is a very repetitive song overall and it kind of brought down the quality of the album for me.

Hwi Hwi(inst.): I have to say, I definitely prefer the vocal version of “Hwi Hwi”. The instrumental version is fun to listen to, but it is missing the charms on the vocal version!

Overall I enjoyed listening to “Miss This Kiss” and feel that it is a high quality mini-album! I definitely recommend that girl group lovers listen to this album! 4 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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LABOUM - Miss This Kiss
Almost every track was catchy and fun to listen to!
I feel as if 천지차이 brought the album quality down.
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