On October 13, 2016, Ladies’ Code released their third mini-album, STRANG3R. The album consists of six track (on their physical CD version), whilst the digital version only includes three (we will review the later). Although there are only a few track, these are original and good quality songs. In the girls return to the music scene; Ashley, Sojung and Zuny really make some noise with this album and grasp our attention with their soulful style.

The album starts off with a nice refreshing piano melody in “Lorelei.” The tune then is followed by soft vocals as it traces the sweet and gentle sound of the song. When they sing, “Hug me before the sun goes down” there is a sense of tenderness and a slight reminder to cherish that special moment or person before having to let go.

Then the title track “The Rain” picks-up the pace and mood of the album with its synthetic pop elements. A vibrant and funky digital sound echos as the members sing a haunting yet catchy chorus. The lyrics however go on to explain how a person has become distant and cold in their relationship, which in result leaves us with a retro tune but a cold-hearted tale.

After the mood begins to simmer down a bit in the third track with “Jane Doe.” This song has a soulful energy and the chorus quickly hooks into the listener as the trio harmonizes ever so perfectly. Similarly as to the previous tracks this one also carries a dark and cold theme. The girls depict the life of a girl who does not fit into society and has a rather mysterious side.

Overall, Ladies’ Code shows an impressive amount of growth since their last mini-album. The melodies are beautifully tailored to their voices and brings out their vocal abilities to the foreground. Besides their vocals, the tracks themselves were all charming and catchy, almost to the point where they would get stuck in your head. The only problem I had with the songs was that the length of tracks felt short and need to be extended. However, STRANG3R will be hands down one of my personal favorite mini-album of 2016 and I highly suggest it to anyone and everyone.

Review written by Irma

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Ladies' Code - STRANG3R
Great vocals, melodies and hooks.
Short duration of tracks.
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