Mad Clown, the innocent looking rapper under Starship Entertainment released his EP Piece of Mine. Love Is a Dog From Hell is the title track of his latest EP, the track has ranked 8th on Korean music charts. The EP explore the painful and sometimes cruel side of love. For such a depressing topic the EP features some gorgeous vocals from wonderful female singers.

1. 거짓말 (Lie) (Feat. Davichi’s Lee Haeri)

This track starts off with Lee Haeri’s beautiful voice accompanied by soft guitar playing, the soft tone is broken by Mad Clown’s rap. The calming instrumental is pretty consistent throughout this song and is beautiful to listen to even without the lyrics.

Lie is an interaction between two soon to be ex-lovers. Haeri plays a hurt girlfriend and Mad Clown the uncaring boyfriend who admits he never loved her. The lyrics explore the different perceptions and feelings two people can have in their relationship and the differing reactions each party has to the relationship coming to an end. While Mad Clown is harsh with his words and happy for the relationship to end, Haeri can’t come to terms with their relationship coming to an end. Mad clown also released a beautiful music video for this track.

For a song about a nasty breakup, it sounds wonderful.

2. 사랑은 지옥에서 온 개 (Love Is a Dog From Hell) (Feat. Suran)

Just like the track before Love Is a Dog From Hell starts with what sounds like the same soft guitar strumming. Consistency- I like it! This time we are greeted with Suran’s gorgeous voice before Mad Clown makes his presence known. Looking at the lyrics they appear to paint a picture of an abusive relationship and explore the painful side of love.

Mad Clown released a MV to go with this track. The video has a rather surprising twist, at first the video seems to be about the relationship between an “ordinary” (what society perceives to be ordinary) boyfriend and girlfriend but it turns out the boyfriend cross dresses (or is perhaps transgender). Perhaps a bigger twist and than K.will’s “Please Don’t…” (debatable).

After watching the video it gives you a slightly different take on the lyrics. Watching the video and looking at the lyrics I get the impression that the song is also about self-love and acceptance. The male leads struggles with expressing his identity due to society’s judgment and goes through an internal battle between his true identity and the person society perceives him to be.

Regardless of the true meaning of the song, we can all agree that this track is a pleasant listen.

Have a listen, watch the video and have a look at the lyrics. What do you think this track is about?

3. 우리집을 못 찾겠군요 (Lost Without You) (Feat. Bolbbalgan4)

After the initial raw pain of a breakup comes the feeling of being “Lost without you”.

Soft piano keys open the third track greeted by a softer rap from Mad Clown than in the previous tracks. The female duo Bolbbalgan provide beautiful vocals for the chorus. The tone of this track is overall softer than the ones before.

This track deals with the breakup more evenly than the first with both partners feeling a sense of loss and longing following their relationship. The lyrics explore the post-breakup stage where you reminisce about broken promises, missed opportunities and long for the partner you’ve recently lost.

4. Roses (Feat. acacy)

Some male company on the EP alas! Unlike the previous tracks we aren’t greeted with a sweet female voice but a sweet male voice that raps and sings.

Despite the sweetness, this track embodies a much harsher tone than the previous three.

The sound of breaking glass throughout compliments the lyrics which express the anger and frustration the male has towards his “bad” girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend).

Roses features an entertaining line “Roses really smell like poop” which certainly puts the classic Valentines poem “Roses are red violet are blue….” in a different light.

5. 나쁜 피 (Common Cold REMIX) (Feat. JUSTHIS)

Bad Blood is the final track on this EP. The tone and lyrics are harsh and talk about…well…money.

The tone of this final track is starkly different from the previous four- it’s much darker, angrier and rather crude. The nature of the lyrics for bad blood are more reminiscent of Western rap songs rather than Korean ones. That being said an increasing number of Korean rap stars are adopting more Western styles and lyrics. Personally, the high volume of curse words and the derogatory reference to women makes this track incredibly uncomfortable to listen to.

Piece of Mine is an EP anyone who has ever had their had broken can relate to. There won’t be a dry eye in the house as this EP brings back unwelcome memories/reopens sealed wounds and forces you to acknowledge feeling you thought you’d successfully buried.

Review written by Celena

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