Released on 7th November 2016, MAMAMOO finally revealed their fourth EP entitled “Memory”. The EP is a great collection of tracks, all of which exude that MAMAMOO sass and attitude that we know and love, and yet draws on new elements and sounds that only add to their already perfect vocals.

What makes MAMAMOO such an electrifying group to listen to is their ability to bring something very new to K-Pop. ‘Memory’ is one of those tracks: a wonderful, Christmassy-jazz track that welcomes us into their new EP. It’s romantic, smooth, and with the piano, cello, saxophones, drums, and strings supporting some great vocals, this track just eases us into the Christmas mood. ‘Memory’ is definitely one of the best tracks on this EP.

Things speed up with the EP’s title track ‘Décalcomanie’, a funky rock-influenced track supported by synths, drums, and of course MAMAMOO’s raspy and soulful vocals. The whole track is well-produced and all the sounds fit together well. It’s not like MAMAMOO’s previous title tracks, but it definitely has similar vibes to tracks like ‘Piano Man’ for example. Overall, this track is another winner!

New York
‘New York’ changes tone a bit more: it’s sassy, smooth, and has a lot of attitude. This track is supported by an underlying jazz sound, but it’s fundamentally a playful, cheerful, and lively R&B/Pop track. Unlike the previous two tracks, this has a very different tone and makes you want to get up and dance!

Moderato (ft. Hash Swan)
Of course, from the fast to the slower, MAMAMOO offers us ‘Moderato’ featuring Hash Swan. This track is pure R&B, mellow and captivating, without losing MAMAMOO’s usual sound. If you’re looking for a R&B track, this is definitely it!

Angel (sung by Solar & Wheein)
We’re finally offered the ‘Solar & Wheein’ track, ‘Angel’, a jazzy, piano, string, and drums track reminiscent of ‘Memory’ but with quite a different tone: it’s more romantic, more dreamy, and more quixotic, and just a heartwarming track to listen to. Both Solar and Wheein really work well together vocally, and it’s that which makes this track what it is.

Dab Dab (sung by Hwasa & Moonbyul)
If there was ever a combo that worked, it’s ‘Dab Dab’, with Hwasa’s sass and Moonbyul’s attitude, this track harkens back to 50’s funk, blues, and jazz, whilst also incorporating Moonbyul’s great rapping. It’s such a chaotically fun track that makes you appreciate what a unique combination this is!

I Love Too
Of course, every EP has to close with a soulful ballad track, and that’s precisely what ‘I Love Too’ is: it’s a wonderful closing track, and draws on various elements from the rest of the album whilst being a unique track in itself. MAMAMOO’s vocals and rap lines work well with the acoustic guitar and just offer that MAMAMOO sound that we’re now familiar with. The closing trumpet rift is also a great addition! Overall, ‘I Love Too’ is another winner!

Concluding Remarks
Overall, this EP is an absolute winner: it’s pure MAMAMOO, but it’s also building on new and exciting elements that we have yet to hear. If you don’t know MAMAMOO, then this EP will make you fall in love with them!

Review written by Tariq

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It’s retained its usual MAMAMOO magic! The use of new and exciting elements of jazz, funk, blues, and rock are really interesting and audibly interesting.
Nothing to fault!
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