1. Ulsanbawi (울산바위)
2. Banana Shake (바나나쉐이크)
3. Essay (수필)
4. No DAP (No답) (Feat. No Daegun of Burstered)
5. Narcissus (feat. Whee In of Mamamoo)
6. Ulsanbawi (울산바위) (Highway Remix Ver.)

Super Junior’s Heechul and Trax’s Jungmo joined hands for the second time and released an unique mini-album with a total of six tracks on it. Composed by Jungmo and with lyrics written by Heechul, this record shows off the great talent this two artists have, delivering something you can rarely seen in the kpop world nowadays.

It immediately starts off with the title track “Ulsanbawi”, a slow-temo track with awesome guitar riffs and melancholic vibes induced by traditional trot melodies. If you like the genre, you can only fell in love with this song!

Next on is “Banana Shake” and as you can presume from the title, this song is funny and full of pop-rock. I had so much fun listening to this track, I felt recharged by it and filled with positive energy. Moreover, I’d love to see a MV for this song, because this song really deserve one.

The third track is called “Essay” and it’s something completely different from the previous two tracks. M&D shows us their also capable ballad singers thanks to this emotional track. It goes with piano and violins, reaching it’s peak during the refrain, where we can hear powerful vocals, mixed up with rock guitars and drums.

No DAP” is the first track of the album which has a feature in it. No Daegun of Burstered gets his part in this track, which is definitely aggressive and so powerful to listen to. The mix of rock and rap strikes and gives the right “badass” touch to this track.

Track number five is called “Narcissus” and has a feature by Whee In of Mamamoo. This is a slower track, which initially directs you towards a heart-melting ballad but ends up being as powerful as the tracks we’ve heard before. Whee In’s voice melts greatly with Heechul’s and they are capable to deliver an awesome performance full of emotions and vocal highlights.

The record ends with a Highway Remix version of “Ulsanbawi”, which wraps up the album in a compelling and energetic way.

Heechul and Jungmo have once more proved they’re a matching duo, capable of producing solid pieces of art I can highly recommend you.

Review written by moed88

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