Ahn Daniel better known as Niel from Teen Top has returned to music scene with his second solo project titled Love Affair. On January 16, 2017, the main vocalist released his second album, which consist of seven tracks in total; including his self-titled and leading song “Love Affair.” The EP showcases Niel’s great vocal abilities as well as gives listeners a variety of songs that range from emotional melodies to upbeat tracks.

The first tracks “On My Way” is a beautiful instrumental that sets the tone for the EP. Listeners can sense this album will take them on a musical ride that starts with off slowly but will progress and build a story overtime. It has a sensual yet classy sound, which only runs a little over a minute in length.

Listeners are then taken into the leading track “날 울리지마” which translates into “Don’t Make Me Cry” that carries a strong contemporary R&B sound. The combination of electric keys and funky guitar strings work well together creating a nice balance. The addition of Giant Pink’s rap was gave the song depth however, it was cut too short. It needed to be longer.

The EP then takes a different turn musically as “Heart Monster” fills the air with acoustic guitars and gentle vocals. The track starts off slowly then builds-up with a charming instrumental. The sudden chants of “lad lad lad lad la la la la” in the background is a nice surprise. Which makes this acoustic ballad all the more winning.

In the fourth track, the mood flips back to a much cheerfully an animated rock sound. “나 열나” has a flowery vibe that echoes with a delightful melody in both your heart and ears. It feels simple yet the rap on here makes it sound more complex and unique.

Things begin to grow emotional in the next track titled “신호등” also known as “Signal.” Niel sings in a low tone and his words are faint at first. The instrumental shares a bittersweet melody of violins and a gloomy piano that tell the story of being left behind by his lover. It starts off slow and fades out exactly the same way.

The mood changes again, this time around with a more mid-tempo R&B track. “In The Rain” electric guitars and keys beautifully illustrated the scene of walking in the rain through this soulful melody. Something about this melody is simply divine and complements Niel’s vocals so heavenly. Snacky Chan’s rap was pretty impressive as well. Overall “In the Rain” is warm, gentle and flirty.

Lastly, “그런날” or “Disappear” is a great seductive and soulful piece of musical work. The song can be quite tedious, especially when Niel sings “I’m gonna disappear on you,” with his soothing voice causing chills to run down your spine. The tune has a good sound and vocals, all it is missing is probably a music video, which I can only imagine being super steamy.

In short, Love Affair is hands down a beautiful piece of contemporary work. This mini-album was really long awaited. Niel gives such a passionate and emotional delivery into every track, it would be a crime if he did not put out another solo album sooner. While Teen Top fans are waiting for a group comeback they can still appreciate this EP, which carries seven lovely melodies that will not disappoint.

Review written by Irma

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