NU’EST have released their latest mini-album “W.HERE” which contains six tracks, four of which are solo tracks!

하루만 / Just One Day: “W.HERE” opens up with the track “Just One Day”. This is a smooth track and it’s easy on the ears! NU’EST gift listeners with their sultry, yet clear, vocals. It is quite a light opener to the album which I like, I can hear all of the vocals individually including the light, high notes. The rap-line is a nice addition to this track. It’s not too imposing and it fits in just perfectly with the mood of the song.

WHERE YOU AT: The next track is the music video track. “WHERE YOU AT” continues on with a piano backtrack mixed with an EDM dance beat. I like the pacing of this song as the beat builds up to the bridge which is simple vocals and piano, and then to the chorus which has a great EDM hook! “WHERE YOU AT”  was definitely the perfect choice to use for the music video. Here, the rap has more intensity and I can hear the passion behind it! “WHERE YOU AT” is definitely my favourite song on the mini-album.

PARADISE: “PARADISE” is the first of the solo tracks on the album, with “PARADISE” being Ren’s solo track! From hearing NU’EST’s music in the past, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ren’s vocals as I found them to be quite thin and often without power, however I was pleasantly surprised with this track! He is still lacking the “power”-vocals that is quite common in music groups but he has his own unique charm! The backing track doesn’t overwhelm his vocals and I love his falsetto in this track.

GOOD LOVE: Up next is Aron’s solo ” GOOD LOVE”. This is another track with an EDM beat that I could totally hear being played at a fashion show. Although the track continues on the same EDM vibe, this song stands out a bit more among the others – it has more of a funky vibe to it as the melody is slightly different at the bridge with less synthesised sounds, leaving Aron with only the EDM beat to accompany him. Here, he really demonstrates his vocal prowess.

WITH: JR’s solo is “WITH” and to be honest, it was the solo I was looking forward to the most on the album. JR definitely kept it simple with “WITH”. The song starts off with his rap building up in intensity with just a piano to accompany him and his own vocals as a harmony. The song builds up more and more and adds another simple beat. My favourite things about this track are definitely its simplicity and the backtrack! JR definitely knows how to play with the beat and the melody! The song gave me goosebumps, especially towards the end of the song when the vocals tied in with the rap line!

지금까지 행복했어요/ Happy Until Now: The final track is Baekho’s solo titled “Happy Until Now”. This track serves as the album closer and it is quite chill with a melancholic vibe to it.  This song is dedicated to Baekho’s father who passed away just recently, so you can definitely here the passion behind Baekho’s vocals! It is definitely a bittersweet album closer. Baekho makes full use of orchestral accompaniment for this track and his powerful vocals make you want to shed a tear! I totally fell in love with this song and Baekho’s vocals!

I really enjoyed listening to this mini-album, along with the watching the music video, and I would totally recommend this album to newcomers to NU’EST! Everything about it was passion-filled and the boys’ talent really shone through.

Review by Isabelle

You can really feel NU'EST's passion in this album!
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