Sanchez - Emotions

Sanchez,  the talented singer and rapper signed Brand New Music,  has released his first solo mini album entitled “Emotions EP”. Sanchez is used to singing with... Read More

Taeyang - White Night

On August 16th, Taeyang finally released his awaited solo comeback with the new album called "White Night" with 2 Music Videos. Taeyang composed most of the lyr... Read More

HyunA - Following

Hyuna returns another EP, her 6th EP in fact and the next release after her fantastic “A’wesome” EP. The EP was released on 29th August 2017, and features a var... Read More

DayDay - All Day Every Day

This album is all about personal thoughts, ideas and feelings such as hope for the future, taking pride in the music he’s made/making and working hard to get th... Read More

N.Flying -The Real

This is N.Flying’s 2nd EP and is a great album! It is all about heartbreak, loneliness, hope and happiness. We wish N.Flying the best of success with this album... Read More

Zico - Television

This mini album truly shows Zico’s hard work and very personal thoughts and feelings on being a star of the music industry. We wish Zico the best of success and... Read More