BTOB – New Man

By now, it’s hard to consider BTOB as a rookie idol group: with “New Man” as their ninth mini-album release on 7th November 2016, BTOB are climbing the ranks as... Read More

Hyolyn – It’s Me

'It's Me' is Hyolyn's first solo mini-album and second music release after “Love and Hate” of this talented member of Sistar. With a total of 6 tracks and di... Read More

B.A.P – Noir

"NOIR" is an album by BAP that is very versatile, as each track can belong to an array of genres and sounds! Listening to it was definitely a surprise and I fou... Read More

Crayon Pop – Evolution Pop

1.Vroom Vroom Foregoing a short, instrumental intro track, Crayon Pop opens the album with “Vroom Vroom,” a disco-inspired song similar to other retro K-pop co... Read More

Topp Dogg – First Street

TOPP DOGG are the most anticipated rookie Hallyu groups. Since their debut in 2013, they have taken the Hallyu world by storm, and have finally released their f... Read More

SHINee – 1 of 1

SHINee is back with their 5th studio album. “1 of 1” has a total of 9 tracks and delights with around half an hour of A+ music. And they fully nailed it. The... Read More