Jang Hanbyul – Dumb Love

This is Hanbyul’s debut solo album and it is fantastic! The album is all about emotional struggles and how they affect you as a person. We wish Hanbyul the best... Read More

Cross Gene – Mirror

This is Cross Gene’s 4th Korean EP since their debut and they have only improved since! This album is all about the ‘mirror’ in someone’s mind and how different... Read More

Yesung – Spring Falling

Unlike in the US where groups need to function together, Hallyu allows the members of groups to branch out, do solo projects, and express their individuality. W... Read More

LABOUM – Miss This Kiss

Intro: The introduction track to "Miss This Kiss" is vibrant and playful. It invokes a summer feeling and it had an overall positive effect on me! I feel like w... Read More

Eunji (A Pink) – The Space

A Pink’s Eunji is back with her second solo album, released on 10th of April 2017, and it is better than you expected. With her sweet and innocent style, she re... Read More