Plasticzooms from Plasticzooms is an interesting mélange of different music styles. The Japanese trio is able to keep uo with the listeners expectations. With a total of 10 tracks, this album do not only appeal from the first listen, it also amazes, by the melodies, the atmosphere and the complexity in the tracks. Drenched with all their power in doing extravagant music, Plasticzooms once again captured my heart through their intensity, their fierceness, their accuracy in doing what they can do best: music.

With “Frontal Attack”, Plasticzooms throws us directly into the power of their music. From the first moment on, you’re thrown into a video game atmosphere. You know the heavy, hectic music you listen to while you fight against one of the big bosses in platform games? Yes, exactly, here you get the same feeling, the same excitement and turmoil, just by a “simple” music track. Completely charging you up with energy and marvel of what they’re going to show us in the next tracks.

The power of this group, their ferocity and their desire to impress through music comes out massivelywith the next album track. “The Future” goes under your skin, by it’s bizarre sounds, Sho’s voice, makes everything impressive, yet a bit scary. Still, it amazes me how much emotions I’m able to get out of a single song.

Quite Clearly” screams drums and guitars! Awesome riffs, great drums, to go with this unique rock track filled with intense instrumentals, and the chorus is really addicting you have to sing along it all the time.

If you were not pleased enough, “Mind” introduces you into something different once again. This is way more pop-electro, and it’s filled with sensuality and desire.

Highway” is the title track of this album and it has awesome feat. In it. The electro track is drenched with ’80ies rock and it’s a pleasure to listen to it. It’s soothing and relaxing, yet very fresh. Thanks to the great instrumentals as well as the well balanced vocals and the mélange of old and new, Plasticzooms were able to deliver a track which is definitely worth of a listen or two (or even more).

Another pleasant surprise is “U12”. This song is a great definition of happiness. It’s delightfully fresh, innovative and full of the neon-flashy rock vibes of the ’80.

Night And Hurt” is messy, it’s chaotic. It’s how you feel when you’re alone in bed the night and you’ re hurt and all you wish for is to shout out you pain to the end of the world.

Smoke Motion” is filled with auto tune and femmes fatales voices. This track is heavy, full of fierceness and dint. It brings back good memories, remembers me of the glory days of Depeche Mode and it’s music magic.

If you’ve already listen to Plasticzooms before, you cannot mention “Veiled Eyes”. And for the ones who listen to this incredible band for the first time, this is one of their most impressive and distinctive tracks ever. “Veiled Eyes” was released as EP in 2016 with a very, very particular video you definitely have to see. There is so much power in this track, and I’m still amazed by the talent of this 3 men, who always astound me.

The album finishes off with “Breitenbach”, a song which should out your heart at ease with it’s comparing softer melodies. A track that grows into you, as much as all the other Plasticzooms songs of this album, which I definitely recommend to all of you.

Review written by moed88

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all the tracks are worth of a listen – individuality of the band can be felt in every song
this album is way too short – looking forward to their next release!
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