Hasta la Vista” is the latest and last album released by Royal Pirates! The EP contains five tracks including member’s projects and the two music video tracks “Hasta la Vista” and “Where U At

1) Te Quiero: “Te Quiero” is the album opener.  As “Te Quiero” translates to “I love you” I was expecting a smooth, romantic track, and I was not let down! The song is slightly sultry with a synth melody and a funky drum beat. The chorus has a fun hook and it is worth noting the whole song is in both English and Spanish! It feels like a charming and spritely homage to Royal Pirates’ international fans!

2) Where U At: “Where U At” is a track that comes with a music video! For me, “Where U At” is my least favourite song on the album but it still manages to lure the listener in with its jazzy piano melody and soulful vocals! One thing I did dislike about this track, however, is the use of autotune, it sounds too distorted for my taste!

3) Hasta la Vista: This track is another with a music video! Unlike “Where U At”, “Hasta la Vista” is more upbeat and light hearted! Although the song name translates to “see you later”, reminding us that this is the band’s final EP, there is a bittersweet vibe that makes it sound like Royal Pirates are saying goodbye as friends, rather than artists! This is truly an intimate song and it was one of my favourites on the album.

4) Angel: “Angel” is a track by Sooyoon Kim, aka, the band’s drummer. I was pleasantly surprised by this track; melody, composition and vocals! Everything about it was perfection and it is a track that definitely fits in with the latest music trends. Although Sooyoon may often be overshadowed by the main vocalist, Moon, he can definitely hold his own! “Angel” is definitely a song I will return to in the future to listen to. My favourite thing about it was the backbeat!

5) Dark Chocolate: The final song on Royal Pirates’ final EP is “Dark Chocolate” by Moon Kim! The EP ends on an r&b vibe! The song is quite laid back and seductive, especially towards the when Moon hits those falsetto notes! The whistling was also a nice touch to the track. This is a great track to make you feel warm coming up to those cold winter months!

Overall, Royal Pirates’ final EP was a pleasant surprise and I am sad to say goodbye to them! I really enjoyed listening to this album and I would recommend it to anybody wishing to know more about Royal Pirates! I give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

Review by Izzy

Royal Pirates - Hasta la vista
Every track had a special touch to it!
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