The album “EPOCALIPSE” – which release date was March 19th 2016, is Satsuki’s latest music release. For this album, Satsuki’s support band members are: Yuuichi & Reeno (guitar), Rin [ex. Schmelz Cure] (bass), Kuro & Mika [ex. RENTRER EN SOI] & U-YASatsuki (drum).

Satsuki’s works have a distinct sound that draws his fans to him: he is able to connect to every emotion. “EPOCALIPSE” is the combination of two previous album releases of Satsuki: “ECLIPSE” and “APOCALYPSE“.

“ECLIPSE” represents the past sounds of Satsuki while “APOCALYPSE” shows the full evolution of Satsuki personality and his new vocal techniques. “EPOCALIPSE” is him coming full circle as an artist and giving us more of what we have come to love over the years.

  1. “Berserker” is a fast-paced song! It works off all the angst, stress, and despair you may go through. It’s a song that drives you to get lost in it and that works its way through your soul . It is grippingly beautiful as Satsuki shouts out his feelings and you can do nothing but reciprocate them. “Berserker” has the sound that we all know and love.
  2. With “Eclipse” we get a horror music melody that goes up in crescendo thanks to the drums and Satsuki’s voice telling us a story.
  3. CRYING” puts you through an experience of Satsuki releasing any negative energy. A funky voice comes along and makes you feel like you’re going through a video game while the time is ticking for you to find out what is coming next. However, in the end, it leaves you wondering. What’s next?
  4. ARTEMIS” drum sound made me fall in love with it. As Satsuki does his storytelling singing, you just bop along to what is being spun. Then just fall in with the song when you hear the rich guitar riffs. As he sings out his feelings, the blending of the different sounds relaxes you.
  5. SELENE” has a mystery about it that makes you want to hear it more and more. A hauntingly rich sound that everyone collaborated on and poured their all into expressing how they feel. One of my all-time favorites on the album.
  6. LILY -月影に魅せられて” is a rocking good time of a song that has the growl at the right moment . After Satsuki’s vocals, the guitar sound comes in trying to match his voice. The passionate battle as they come together then apart tries to convey what they are feeling.
  7. SQUALL” actually makes me want to cry. The feeling of despair and hopelessness washes over me. I feel all the pain that Satsuki is singing. Then I feel a moment of peace because everything fades away. You just become centered in the sounds and the moment.
  8. When you listen to “BRAVE” you keep going through those peaceful emotions that the end of “Squall” put you in. Satsuki slows down his sound and singing and puts you through moments of tranquility. The soothing sounds showcase a softer side of him.
  9. DIANA” has this electric beat that spikes up everything again and has Satsuki come in at the right moment. Then the handclapping, guitar, and drums come together making you dance. You experience all these different sounds and it has you grooving. Unexpected because you never knew Satsuki could create such a song masterpiece.


  1. REINCARNATION“. At first, all I can hear is the drums but then Satsuki comes in and you feel that something important is happening. It is something urgent and I love how the pace and background vocals keep this flow going along.
  2. APOCALYPSE“. I know that everyone must loves the drums and how it hits the right pitch. Also, the anticipation and the gripping sound Satsuki’s voice makes. I just loved how they entwined.
  3. BURNING OUT“. The growling singing is my favorite and this is one of my all-time favorite songs because it has such a mix of beats, sounds, and pitches that amaze me.
  4. REVELATION” is the closing song. It is the fitting ending and just stunningly closes out the album.

Thanks to this double-CD album, we have gone on a journey through different feelings, sounds and pitches. This album just put the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions and sounds. It has a sad, despairing and angst content. It is rich with complex sounds and emotions.

This 2CD disc was a masterpiece that had so many climaxes that I couldn’t understand how it could end. Satsuki left me in awe of what he and his bandmates can do. I look forward to future releases. I give the album a 4 out of 5 because it was a journey I loved but felt heavy at times. How can you end something that seems never-ending?

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Review by Mia

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