Don’t Say No: “Don’t Say No” is a track that reminds me a lot of early 2000s r&b. There are a lot of homages to the likes of Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child, Beyonc√© etc. The track has a very mature sound overall but, the chorus has a very “SM Entertainment” feeling to it; meaning that is still retains its overall bubble gum pop feeling that is very deeply rooted in SM groups! It is a catchy song and I definitely found myself listening to it more than once, especially the pre-chorus!

Hello(feat. Eric Nam): I was pleasantly surprised to hear Eric Nam’s raspy voice opening up this track! “Hello” is a song that perfectly combines the voices of both Seohyun and Eric Nam. Seohyun sings soulfully while Eric Nam’s deep vocals complement Seohyun’s high tones. The “Hello” hook is also adorable! This is a light hearted and fun track overall.

Magic: “Magic” is another catchy r&B track. There are jazz elements here and there in the track with the staccatto vocals and piano. I love Seohyun’s breathy vocals in this track – she shows that although she has a very homely image at times, that she too can be sexy! I love how she is rocking this song’s concept. The song is very simple overall, there is a backbeat and in the repetitive “Magic” chorus there is a slight dance track played together with the jazzp piano. This is probably one of the better tracks on the album! Seohyun’s vocal ornamentation in this track definitely makes it stand out.

Lonely Love: “Lonely Love” is another simple track; it has an acoustic feeling to it. The only melody is played by an acoustic guitar with the accompaniment of a funky backbeat. Seohyun sings her heart out in this song, and there is a nice touch of harmonisation at times! I love Seohyun’s deeper vocal tones in this track, she superbly shows off her large vocal range! My only peeve with this song is that it seems to drag out quite a lot.

Love and Affection: This song’s melody and contrast is in stark contrast to the rest of the album. This track has a bit more of an indie or pop feeling to it than r&B like the rest of the album. Seohyun hones her inner vocal diva in “Love and Affection”‘s chorus as she sings her way up and down the music scale. This was a more impressive song than the others in terms of performance! The melody was also catchy!

Bad Love: “Bad Love” as a track lives up to its title. This track is seductive, mysterious, and also, my favourite track! It is a very jazzy song where it feels like Seohyun is drawing the singer into the song. I can clearly picture a music video for “Bad Love” already done in a classic bond girl style. If I wasn’t a fan of Seohyun before this track, I am now! The “nah nah nah” motif is so addictive!

Moonlight: The final song on the “Don’t Say No” mini-album is “Moonlight”. It is a good album closer in my opinion; it is slow, sultry, and quite laid back. It has a classic r&b melody and a lazy backbeat. However my only problem with this song is that it sounds like Seohyun is not quite enunciating her words – it could just be linked with the whole laidback vibe, however! I also love the piano melody in this track!

I was pleasantly surprised by “Don’t Say No” and I feel like the majority of the songs are award worthy! I give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

Review written by Isabelle

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Seohyun - Don't Say No
Seohyun's vocal tone and range match every song very well
The album felt a bit repetitive at times
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