Seventeen‘s latest release is titled “Teen,  Age“. It is their second full album release since their debut in November 2015. This album was alluded to by several unit releases by various members of Seventeen.

Intro” is the first track on the album and  it has an uplifting vibe to it, his feeling is created through use of an electronic and synth instrumental. The use of electronic harmonies within the instrumental creates excitement forthe new album,  and the new sound that seventeen are bringing withthis release. The repition of the lyric “started from the bottom” reinforces the words sentiment and shows the progress and effort that the group have made to get this stage.

Second on the album is the song “Change Up“, which has a strong hip-hop influence in it’s sound. The trumpets in the instrumental of this song give it a fresh edge.  In addition to this the keyboard and chorus create a constant sound that holds together the diverse rap verses.

Despite it’s simplistic title,  “I’m wearing a hat” has a light,  fresh and pure,  “winter-y” feeling to it initially but the song builds with an electronic instrumental that also creates a more vibrant feeling within the song, but the softer sounding vocals and acoustic guitar continue through the song in contrast with the still punchy raps.  However,  the chorus is what pulls the song together with it’s climatic Feel.

Clap” is a clearly rock inspired track,  with an electric guitar heavy instrumental from the offset,  in addition to the vocals and finger snaps,  it gives off a very “cool” vibe. The rap verses are particularly not be able in this song as they flow very well and make good use of the instrumental to make the Annunciation more exciting and diverse.

The fifth track on the album is “Shoot me” before you go,  it has a strong army feel to it;  you get this sense from the marching,  drums,  shouts and guns within the song.  It’s a different sound to what has come to be expected of Seventeen. It’s a harder hitting song and the army vibe continues throughout the song through use of lyrics such as: “turn right/left”. The raps too are hard hitting in contrast with the more sultry sounding vocals.

Nili lababa“, is the sixth track on the album and it’s a chilled r’n’b number with high vocals and a killer beat drop which transforms the song into a more electronic sounding track.  The distant echoy electronic guitar adds depth to the track instrumentally.

Seventh on the album is “Trauma“,  which has a xylophone featuring in the instrumental which is a rather unique sound.  It’s another hip- hop influenced track,  with string rap verses and a catchy chorus.

Pinwheel” has a melodic piano instrumental that is broken into by drums and tambourines and accompanied by sweet vocals and harmonies. It sounds more like a classic ballad song,  which is different from other songs on the album. The violins mixed with the vocals on this song making it a particularly soothing listen.

The disjointed and off-kilter violin instrumental gives flower a mysterious beginning , followed by sultry vocals.  The vocals build into the chorus in a climatic manner contrasting the steady low , fast flowing raps with out heavy emphasis on announctiation.

Rocket” is a party  track due to the upbeat instrumental and high tone vocals that lend to the uplifting feeling of the song . There is heavy use of English in the song but it blends in well with the Korean lyrics.  Rocket is reminiscent of Pharrell’s popular song “Happy”.

If rocket is reminiscent of “Happy” then “Hello” is reminicesnt of a drama OST track.  The song has muted disco vibes and is rather relaxing to listen to.  In comparison to the other songs on the album this song doesn’t stand out especially

Acoustic guitar and soft vocals set “Campfire” apart from the rest of the album and set the tone of this track.  It’s a somewhat calming song but like “Rocket” is somewhat unremarkable.  Though it does contain a clap instrumental reminiscent of sitting round a campfire  but also give3s the feeling of a concert ending song which is appropriate for the albums penultimate song.

Outro” is the final song on the album and is a n instrumental complication of the songs from the album,  most notably “Clap”‘s heavy guitar stands out.

Seventeen has produced a really great second album and you can tell from listening that they are really begging to find their feet musically,  what works for the group and what they produce well all coming together to create their signature sound.

Review by Lauren

some really catchy songs and a really pleasant album to listen to
A few songs on the end of the album sounded like they needed a little more production time.
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