SHINee is back with their 5th studio album. “1 of 1” has a total of 9 tracks and delights with around half an hour of A+ music. And they fully nailed it.

The album starts off with “Prism”, and you immediately notice that they are going to deliver us something we’ve never heard from them. Still, you clearly notice they are SHINee, which I appreciate a lot. Let’s also give some recognition to Jonghyun for writing this awesome opening track. Echoing vocals (hello Taemin!), a messy EDM base and a pace that gets faster as the track goes on, “Prism” could have been something confounded but no, it has its edges and is so well-defined in its harmonic messiness that you have to like it.

Track number 2 is the title track with the homonym title. With “1 of 1”, SHINee goes back to the 90’s and brings up the new jack swing genre, throwing us into a music style we’re surely not used to in K-pop. Are you thrown back in the past, maybe in your youth and do you feel a lot of good memories coming up while listening to this track? Because I definitely do. I love the 90’s and I’ll always treasure them especially because of the music. But “1 of 1” is not only the awakening of a past you could have forgotten, it’s also music quality. SHINee proves their vocal capabilities and show us how much they are still able to improve and impress even though they’re already “K-pop veterans”.

As if I could already not feel good enough, track number 3 run me over more than once. “Feel Good” starts off really simply, almost delicately, and slowly builds up into a groovy track reaching its pitch during the refrain, which is absolutely stunning. Vocally, it’s very well-balanced and harmonic – definitely my favorite song of the album, because it’s elegant, sensual and…addicting!

“Don’t Let Me Go” is emotion filled. You know the sensation of being able to capture the message an artists wants to deliver by just listening to a melody? Without paying attention to the lyrics? It’s exactly what I felt when I heard this track for the first time. The mood in this song is incredible, starting from the harmonies to the rapping and ending with Key’s high notes.

Still recovering from “Don’t Let Me Go”, I jumped straight into “Lipstick” and I do not know how they did it, but it’s another awesome track I completely fell in love with. It has a softer beat and highlights the vocals of every single member. The melody is teasing and filled with the right amount of desire and sensuality of red, alluring lips.

While listening to “Don’t Stop”, I was transported into a sort of rhapsodic world. The repetitive beat stays in the background, giving us the chance to completely focus on the vocals, which undoubtedly stole the whole show in this track. I wished this track would really not stop.

“SHIFT” is another exceptional good track on this album. It’s mesmerizing how SHINee is capable to transmit so many feelings in so many different ways. “SHIFT” is upbeat and groovy, taking up what “Feel Good” left undisclosed. “It’s like a shift in you and I”, can you feel it?

Next one is “I Need U” – it’s that kind of song you either like or hate from the first listening. The sound is kind of “hybrid” or experimental. I definitely love it!

The album ends with a special track called “So Amazing” and that’s how I’d define this album. SHINee were able to fully impress me once again. I’ve always been a huge fan of this group for so many reasons, but the most important one is the quality of their music. Overall, this album is one of the best SHINee ever released. Every single song has its own personality in it and still, they fit in the collective of the album as a whole, with every puzzle piece in the right place. I highly recommended this album, you wont regret it!

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SHINee - 1 of 1
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