This is Shinhwa’s 13th album and truly shows their matureness and expertise when singing about themes such as happiness, love and unhappiness. We wish every success to Shinhwa with their promotion and album!

This song is all about the idea of being with someone you love and that just being with them is heaven.

The song is all about wanting to be away from an ex girlfriend to stop yourself from ‘hurting’ her with your touch even more than you already have.

Super Power:
Super Power is about telling a pretty lady that he likes it when she moves and uses her ‘super power’ on the dance floor.

Tonight is about wanting to spend the night with your partner and not leave each other.

Bye Bye Bye:
This song is about saying goodbye to a lover but not wanting to move on as they meant a lot to you.

We is all about loving the party lifestyle and expressing just how much you love it!

This song is about expressing how much you enjoy being around your partner and and what you like the most about them.

She Said:
This song is about a developing relationship between two people and how it feels from the man’s point of view.

Like A Star:
Like A Star is all about considering your partner to be the centre of your universe with them as the star and you as a planet or moon in the universe.

This song is about not wanting a relationship to end as it is one of the best things to happen to you in your life.

Overall I would rate this album at 4 out of 5!

Review written by Kirsty

Shinhwa - Unchanging
The songs on this album all vary with their themes but mainly focus on love and happiness!
Some of these songs do have a slightly ‘angsty’ theme to them but it doesn’t make them any less as good as the others!
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