This mini album has a very strong ballad style to it but it only makes the songs more enjoyable to listen to! I wish Subin the best of success with this album and I hope that her fans, both old and new, enjoy this album just as much as I did!

Swing is about being on a playground’s swings and wanting the company of your ‘oppa’ but knowing he can’t make it there is hurting you more.

The song is all about enjoying the short time you have with someone and it being almost bitter-sweet like a strawberry.

Circle’s Dream:
The song is about being ‘round’ and wishing you were ‘angular’ like a triangle so you wouldn’t be missed or stepped on.

This song is all about simply wanting to be with the boy you like and wanting him to notice you a little bit more than he already does.

Overall I rate this album 5 out of 5!

Subin - Circle's Dream
The ballad style to these songs makes them very easy to listen to!
The ballad style to this album might not appeal to some people but it is a great album regardless!
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